South Ossetian schoolchildren have learnt the basics of the international humanitarian law

Thu, 30/08/2012 - 21:28

A Summer School of the International Humanitarian Law (IHL), arranged by a mission of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) has completed its work in the capital of South Ossetia.

As the ICRC spokeswoman Marina Tedeti reported IA "Res", the schoolchildren had learnt the basics of the international humanitarian law, the main provisions of the Geneva Conventions and the history of establishing the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Committee.
"IHP – is a rather complex subject. To convey some basic principles, as well as the law of war to children – is a difficult task. Because adults have a basic idea about it, and children have no idea that human behavior in war is governed by the international laws and treaties - Tedeti said. - For three days of the summer school we had to give a huge amount of information. "
However, has stressed Tedeti, the pilot project of the Summer School can be considered successful.
She added that for expanding the knowledge of the South Ossetian schoolchildren in the field of IHL, and thanks to the first positive experience, the ICRC is considering to arrange a summer school annually.
"I guess we will hold the qualifying essay contest in February-March and will announce about it in the local newspaper. In addition, we will give the schoolchildren more time for more productive work on the composition. After the selection of participants, the school is planned to be organized in June of the next year. We want to make it a tradition, so for us it was interesting and fun to spend time with the children, "- added Tedeti.
According to the ICRC expert from Vladikavkaz Robert Ayzvert, the material presented to the South Ossetian schoolchildren, has been well mastered.
"It was very interesting to work with the children. I am glad that the children are well-read and sense of curiosityhas not been atrophied in them. After these sessions, they have actually come close to the amount of knowledge of the course of the international humanitarian law, which study the law school students. We saw the educational video films and slides; the material was veryaccessible, "- told Ayzvert IA "Res".
He has added that at the end of the summer school the children were presented gifts.

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