Alan Gigolaev: mixed martial arts fighter should be brave and cool

Sat, 15/09/2012 - 10:44

September 15 the Ossetian athlete Alan Gigolaev will defend his title of Georgia (USA) in mixed martial arts in the weight category up to 70 kilograms. Before the title fight Gigolaev told the correspondent of IA "Res" in detail about the upcoming bout, mixed martial arts trainings.

- Alan, please tell us about yourself.
- I was born in the village of Zmeyskaya, Kirov region of North Ossetia, July 29, 1990. In 2007, I graduated from high school number 2 in Zmeyskaya. The same year, my father, Vitaly Gigolaev moved to Atlanta to work and we also moved with him. In the US I entered the school and finished it in 2010. I have a younger brother Aslan Gigolaev, he is also a wrestler. In 2009 he won the bronze medal in wrestling of the state ofGeorgia. In addition to trainings, we act in the theater - doing scenic fighting with swords and other forms of medievalcold steel. I like America, but I can definitely say that the best thing in the world is native home.
- After moving to the US, could you easily become accustomed to new people, new country and new way of life?
- I found it hard to adapt. People in America have a completely different mentality. They live on schedule, as the pace of life is very intensive. It was difficult to get used to it. Every day you have to get up at five in the morning, so as not to be late to school. Here the discipline at schools is very severe. After my studies I had my trainings, and then hurried home to do my homework. Currently, I have not enough free time. I work for 37 hours a week; in addition I am studying at the college and do mixed martial arts.
- Alan, when did you start doing sports?
- I have started doing sports frommy earliest years. Like all children in Ossetia, I was wrestling. At that time my coach was Timur Kozaev. In 2002, I took third place in the championship of the Kirov district in wrestling. Besides wrestling, I was also keen on boxing, athleticism, arm wrestling and hand-to-hand fighting. My coach in hand-to-hand fighting was Oleg Bagaev. After moving to the United States I continued wrestling.
- You were engaged in freestyle wrestling in 2008-2009, became a champion of the state of Georgia in freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling. Why did you decide to go in for mixed martial arts?
- My friend was doing mixed martial arts. One day he took me with him to his trainings and I liked this sport. The coach saw that I was training hard and was attentive and promoted me. That's how it all started. Two weeks after the start of doing mixed martial arts, I had my first fight and won by choke hold.
- What club are you supporting?
- «American Top Team».
- You have already been doing mixed martial artsone and a half year. How many fights you had, what was the outcome of these fights and what success you have achieved?
- For one and a half year I've held six fights. Four of them I won by choke hold and two - by the decision of thereferees. During this time, I became the champion of the state of Georgia in the weight category up to 70 kilograms.
- After transferring from wrestling to mixed martial arts how are you mastering painful and choke holds, as well as defence technique?
- Mastering pain and choke holds and the defence technique is easy for me. Earlier, I was trained by former UFC fighter, a black belt holder in Brazilian jiu-jitsu beetle Roan Jucao Carneiro, and I won the blue belt. And now I have a new coach - Douglas Lima. He has previously fought in tournaments «Bellator». I am very pleased with the way he teaches,adopting his methods.
- You are a professional wrestler. And what can you say about your striking techniques?
- I learn striking techniques, doing Thai boxing and kickboxing. Mainly I use hands but I also use kicking technique. I am very pleased with my trainer; in sparring, he kept a close watch over me and immediately corrects when I make mistakes.
- Tell us about your training regime.
- Basically I train four - six times a week on average, three times a day. Each training lasts about one and a half hours. Now, more attention is given to Thai boxing and kickboxing, as I want to improve the striking technique.
- Do you have amaster stroke?
- I do not have a master stroke. But as I has mentioned, my opponents often got caught by choking technique. Out of six fights, I won four by choke holds.
- September 15, this year you will have another title fight for the championship of the state of Georgia. Your opponent will be Marcus Jackson. Tell us what you know about your opponent?
- Marcus is a very good fighter. He held nine fights, and lost only one of them. Marcus mostly prefers a standing position. He has no title, and so he challenged me to a duel. I've seen some of his fights. He goes all out in the first round and then gets tired.
- How do you want to hold this fight? Do you have a tentative plan for the upcoming fight?
- I do not have knockouts, so I'd like to knock out the opponent, or even win the fight by TKO. But if the fight is not held according to my plan, I will try to put the opponent to the ground to use suffocating or painful holds. In general, I want to finish the fight in the first round.
- What do you consider the maincharacter trait for the mixed martial arts fighter?
- I think the most important qualities for a fighter is courage and composure.
- Do you have an idol in mixed martial arts?
- I have a few idols. They are: the UFC champion Fedor Emelianenko, Anderson Silva and Jon Jones.
- When you are holding the fight, is it pleasant for you to know that thousands of miles away from America your fans in Ossetia are supporting you?
- I love Ossetia and always miss my native land. And it`s very pleasant for me, of course, that people in my homeland are supporting me - this gives me extra strength.
- What would you wish the young Ossetian fans of martial arts?
- Do not to give up, be diligent at the trainings, do not waste your time in vain and be goal-seeking in life.

IA "Res" / Guguli Valiev

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