Service at the frontier postof Balta in South Ossetia

Fri, 16/11/2012 - 16:45

April 30, 2009 in accordance with the interstate agreements, Russian border guards started supervising the state border of South Ossetia. The guards started to protect our border virtually from scratch, stationed in tents or outdoor. Today, after more than three years, instead of tents there are the multifunctional complex sub-units of the Border Guard Service along the border of the Republic.

One of these units, which has been protecting the border highly efficiently, is the frontier post located in the village of Balta in Znaur district of South Ossetia. Service at the outpost of Balta is special. Firstly, there are many disputed areas here, and secondly, as noted by the border guards, the region has a complex strategic environment. The state border is not marked, (now its line is equipped with engineering control), so the staff makes every effort to ensure high protection of the border. Deputy Chief of the Border Guard unit in Znaur lieutenant colonel Alexei Nesterenko said that the frontier post in Balta was located in a zone where had been detained a lot of violators of the border crossing regime.
"The local people have connections across the border; most of them have relatives in Georgia. Hence, there are many cases of violating the border regime. This leaves a special mark on the service of our staff; the sub-unit is always on its toes, "- said the lieutenant colonel.
According to him, thanks to the coordinated work of the border guards over the last year a number of border violations have been reduced.
"In 2010 the border guards detained 50 violators of the state border, in 2011 - 54, this year they have detained only 11 violators", - said Nesterenko.
For almost four years of staying in this zone the conditions of service of the border guards were improved significantly. The sub-units complex includes residential buildings, barracks, dining room, recreation room, where the staff can regularly see patriotic movies, a large library with rich book collection. The regular unit newspaper covers the events taking place in the border area. In short, there are all conditions here for the effective service and recreational activities of the border guards.
As noted by the border guards, the beauty and uniqueness of this area, the natural wealth of South Ossetia have won their hearts, and they have brought their families to the Republic.
Currently, eight families are living here. There is also the children's playground here. The school-age children go to secondary school in Balta. The border guards serve on a contract basis for two years, but, as it turned out, there are many of them who want to extend a term of the contract. During their staying in this zone the border guards established close interaction with the local population. We can say they have become the part of the South Ossetian society.
"We have a special relationship with the local people, because without them it is impossible to ensure high protection of the border - said lieutenant colonel Nesterenko. - We have never heard any complaints from them. People rely on us, believe in us, and feel safe. "
The social situation in the border areas is rather difficult, so the interaction and mutual support make the life of the border guards and the local population easier.
"We cannot cope with our tasks without mutual aid. The border guards constantly help the local people, and theyrespond in kind. We are working together. Unfortunately, the echo of 2008 is still ringing;there are still enough places to store weapons and ammunition on the territory of South Ossetia, so from time to time with the help of local people we find ammunition caches, which are duly transferred to the Republic, "- he added.
The border residents were also speaking of the border guards with great warmth.
"With arrival of the Russian border guards our life has returned to normal, people are not afraid to come to their homes, they sleep well at night. All those who abandoned their homes in the years of aggression, want to return. The border guards help us as they can; they always respond to our request for help:chop firewood or mend fences, give out rations, food products to the needy. Recently, thanks to the border guards we have extinguished a fire in the school, "- said the dweller of the village Kalet Ibrahim Kudukhov.
So, day after day, side by side with the Ossetian people, Russian border guards by common efforts are reliably protecting the border of South Ossetia, giving its people happiness, security and confidence in the future.

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