Review of the Georgian Media: they are widening their lexicon and try to see the President off

Tue, 04/12/2012 - 13:10

A new word - "koabitatsiya" has enriched the Georgian political lexicon. The politicians are carefully studying the spelling of a new buzzword of the Georgian political lexicon, sparing no expense for tutoring.

Koabitatsiya means coexistence of the president and the government, represented by the political forces that are in opposition to each other. Currently, the President of Georgia and a leader of the defeated party Saakashvili is controlling the General Staff, the Supreme Court and the Constitutional Court, as well as the governors. Prime Minister of the winning coalition Bidzina Ivanishvili – is controlling the central government and the parliament.

"Bidzina Ivanishvili, a Georgian oligarch in the status of the Prime Minister, held a press conference where he sounded the important statements. Prime Minister once again encouraged and assured the international community that Georgia would follow the democratic course of development, but at the same time would continue arresting former top-ranking officials. Georgian Prime Minister has announced how he is going to get rid of the first person of the country. At his first press conference in such a high state rank, Bidzina Ivanishvili has declared that though he is not going to impeach the president Mikhail Saakashvili, he has decided what to do with him. According to Ivanishvili, the process of impeachment would be perceived very negatively by the international community; therefore, politically they will not initiate this issue, besides, the word "impeachment" sounds pretty rough. Ivanishvili considers normal to amend the Constitution and is willing to give the green light to the parliamentary majority to strip powers"- has written Leila Naroushvili in the article" Koabitatsiya -is it a failure?" of the Georgian data portal "Georgia Online" November 28, 2012.
Apparently, soon darkness will fell for Saakashvili. Of course, it is out of the question that he will fully account for his crimes, but one could expect that he will emerge unscathed.
"By the amendments to the Constitution the new government will rapidly avoid co-existence and co-operation with the disgraced president. Obviously, it’s hard to face that the president still has great power and can impose a veto or dissolve the parliament and the cabinet, so the president is like the sword of Damocles for the new government. The Prime Minister has also said that if the guilt of the head of state is confirmed, he will be put on trial, though personally for him it`s very unpleasant the detention of such high-ranking official, but the law must be the same for everyone. He's not going to interfere with prosecutors and judges to administer justice:'' For me, it`s incomprehensible, how to stop this process (detention). I will call neither a prosecutor nor the judges, I know none of them, and moreover, I will not say them to hush up the affair. In that case, I prefer to give up power before the time, but I do not know what force could make me give up. No one can make me'' - Ivanishvili answered a question on criminal prosecution of high-ranking officials, including the president. "
The course of the new Georgian leadership on restoring the confidence of the people in the government caused discontent in the West: "Representatives of the influential Western institutions: Anders Fogh Rasmussen, NATO Secretary General Philip Gordon, Assistant Secretary of State Catherine Ashton, EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and others expressed their outrage at the detention of the president`s inner circle and called on the authorities to abandon selective justice and revenge. The Western and Georgian politicians have also expressed concern that the mass arrests could undermine Georgia's democratic image and hinder integration in the Euro-Atlantic structures. "
Dissatisfaction of the atlantists is clear: it is easier to deal with the regime, unpopular among people, propped up by bayonets, than with a man who enjoy confidence of the people, who respect them, and who every day has to show the people the correctness of his policy by rational decisions and actions.
And Ivanishvili values the confidence of the people of Georgia. Therefore, the western elite at this stage will work against Ivanishvili.
"Meanwhile, in Tbilisi, at the different metro stations are placed large white tents with huge inscriptions ''presidential impeachment'', where people can put their signatures to demand the impeachment," – has concluded the author of the article.
Meanwhile, what is happening in Georgia continues to prove its name "the brooms revolution." But if at the beginning the broom symbolized the instrument of torture in the hands of supporters of Saakashvili, at this stage it is used as a symbol of the instrument, which usually suggests a house cleaning. Too much garbage is piled up in the nearby house, called "Georgia" and the stench of this garbage has not given any breathing to ordinary people, politicians and businessmen.
How oppressive was Saakashvil`s regime, and how pervasive was criminality, reaching the high levels of government is described by some Georgian media.
"Ex-chief of the Interior Ministry Department for Constitutional Security Data Akhalaia was summoned up to the Prosecutor's office for questioning by 17:00 ... but he is not in Georgia, so the prosecutor's office will be attended by a lawyer," – has written the same edition on December 2, 2012.
"The former head of the General Inspectorate of the Interior Ministry of Georgia Tengiz Gunava was arrested on November 29 after two weeks when the court had released him on bail on another case. Prosecutors said November 29 that Gunava had ''overstepped his powers'', ''appropriating'' the petrol coupons worth of 6,750 GEL. On the second case the Prosecutor's Office also claims against Gunava of embezzling a large sum of ''money'' - 49 500 GEL while holding the position of chief of the Interior Ministry General Inspectorate. According to the Prosecutor's Office, Gunava received the money from the expenses of the Ministry of Interior on September 1,'' but he did not use the money according to its intended purpose.'' According to the Prosecutor's Office, in both cases, the Ministry of Internal Affairs ''suffered substantial damage "- has written «» November 30, 2012.
"Prosecutor General's Office of Georgia filed another charge against the former Minister of Defence and the Interior Minister of Georgia Bacho Akhalaia, and against the chief of the Joint Staff of the Armed Forces Georgy Kalandadze" – is written on the Georgian site "Sulakvelidze. com " November 13, 2012 .
"The former head of the Main Directorate of the Interior Ministry of Georgia Zurab Mikadze was arrested for abuse of power (Article 333), illegal purchase, possession, carrying, manufacture, transport, transfer or sale of firearms, explosives or explosive devices (Article 236), forcing to testify, giving evidence (Article 335 CC). On Saturday, he was released on bail in the amount of six thousand lari (about 3.6 thousand dollars), "- is written on the same site December 1, 2012.
"Former Deputy Interior Minister Levan Gvazava is interrogated at the Prosecutor`s Office of Georgia," - said the first channel of the Georgian Public Broadcasting on Saturday, December 1. According to the channel, Gvazava came to the prosecutor, accompanied by a lawyer.
"Interior Ministry intends to re-interrogate the former Prime Minister, Secretary General of the party "United National Movement" Ivane Merabishvili and the protocol officers of the presidential administration on charge of using false documents and the attempted illegal crossing of the border and," – has stated the Interior Ministry on Saturday, December 1, 2012.
" Friday, November 30,the Prosecutor's Office of Georgia and the Ministry of Internal Affairs detained in Tbilisi the former chief of the Interior Ministry Department of Borjomi , the majoritarian candidate of the "United National Movement" in the parliamentary elections of October, 1 Mamuka Khvedeliani on charges of inhuman treatment.
According to the Prosecutor's office, Mamuka Khvedeliani was detained under the investigation commenced on November 22 on charge of inhuman and degrading treatment (Article 144-3) of a certain V.G - a participant of the fight taken place in the village of Bakuriani (winter resort in Borjomi district, Eastern Georgia). According to the investigators, the V.G`s ear was burnt with a cigarette, and then, on the instructions of Kvedeliani over a prisoner VG was committed an act of sexual violence with bottles and a leg of the chair. This process was recorded on camera by a police officer SS "- has written November 30.
"Thursday, November 29, County Prosecutor of Imereti (Western Georgia) detained a president of Wrestling Federation of Georgia, gamgebeli (head of council) of Zestafoni Kakha Getsadze", reported Georgian TV company "Rustavi-2" November 29, 2012.
"The former head of the Revenue Service of the Ministry of Finance of Georgia Jaba Ebanoidze was summoned to the Prosecutor's office," - said a member of parliament from the "United National Movement" David Sakvarelidze on Monday, November 26, on the TV Company channel "Rustavi-2».
"November, 15 Georgian Prosecutor`s Office detained another teammate of Merabishvili - his former deputy Shota Khizanishvili -on charge of abuse of power and the creation of a computer virus," - said "Sulakvelidze.kom." November 26, 2012.
This list is rather incomplete. But it gives a clear idea of ​​how highly climbed the criminal elements in the power hierarchy of Georgia. Each step of the regime of Saakashvili against South Ossetia has proven this fact. Today, defenders of Saakashvili and the military aggression of Georgia against South Ossetia may go into mourning. Life itself has destroyed their sloppy alogical designs. They called the people of South Ossetia a bunch of criminals, but in the end turned out to be criminals themselves.
Infamous Vano Merabishvili, who not long ago arranged the acts of terror against the South Ossetian officials in Tskhinval, is subjected to humiliating interrogation by the police, forced to lie and dodge to avoid prison. Here is what the site "In the name of Georgia" says: "Former Prime Minister Vano Merabishvili "was interrogated by the Interior Ministry as a witness under the investigation of the case of using the false documents and the attempted illegal crossing of the border." This was reported by the Georgian Interior Ministry late in the evening on November 30. The document states that at the "interrogation Merabishvili almost did not cooperate with the investigation, declined to give the concrete answers, his testimony was superficial and sometimes mutually exclusive; he tried to deny the hard facts established by the investigation." According to the Interior Ministry the "investigation will be continued, all those involved in the case will be re-interrogated, including former Prime Minister and staff of the presidential administration protocol. '"
Truly, the ways of God are inscrutable.
Even yesterday, hundreds of thousands came out to the streets to praise Mikhail Saakashvili to the skies. A recently commemorated "Rose Revolution" was attended only by ... 30 people.
Only yesterday Saakashvili hired cheap singer-girls to sing songs, containing the leading idea -"Kokoity, farewell!" But today not only the people of Georgia, but the new government of Georgia cannot wait to see Saakashvili off.

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