Murat Dzhioev: Georgian delegation at the 22 round of the Geneva discussions was not ready for a constructive dialogue


Lately, representatives of the new Georgian government have been actively discussing in the media the results of the 22 round of Geneva discussions on security in Transcaucasia. According to the Georgian politicians, their "constructive" proposals have not been announced, as the Ossetian and the Abkhaz participants "did not take into consideration that it would be better to take more positive steps in relations with the new government of Georgia."
IA "Res" asked the Presidential Envoy of South Ossetia for post-conflict settlement Murat Dzhioev to comment on the statements of the Georgian politicians.

"We could agree with the Georgian representatives at the discussions in one point- this round was really difficult. But it was difficult because of the unconstructive position of the Georgian delegation, which, in fact, was unprepared for constructive and businesslike conversation (contrary to the statement of a member of the Georgian delegation to the media), "- said the envoy.
According to Dzhioev, representatives of the "Georgian Dream", which won the parliamentary elections in Georgia on October 1, have already attended the 21 round.
"Then they acted as "observers ". At the 22round of the talks representatives of the new government headed the Georgian delegation, and it was logical to expect them to express specific vision of matters within the jurisdiction of the Geneva discussions. Instead, they expressed grievance that they had not been received as they had expected. I think, members of the new Government of Georgia, as well as their predecessors are not conscious of the responsibility for the aggression of Georgia in 2008. Although it has been clearly recognized not only by the independent EU commission, it was announced by Mr. Ivanishvili at the meeting of the Georgian parliament, "- said the envoy.
As a result, this round again failed to reach a consensus on a joint statement of the participants on the commitment to non-use of force.
"The discussion of this issue has begun at the 19 rounds of talks, and the publication of such a statement would be an important step on the way to the main task of the discussions - a legally binding agreement on non-use of force between Georgia and South Ossetia, Abkhazia and Georgia", - he underlined.
According to Dzhioev, "thanks" to the intractability of the Georgian delegation was not conducted a joint final meeting of the two working groups at the talks - on security and humanitarian issues.
"These joint meetings were held at the 20 and 21 rounds. If the Georgian delegation had to say something essential, including the humanitarian issues, the joint meeting with all members, including the EU, the UN and the OSCE co-moderators of the discussions, as well as the heads of all the delegations, was the best platform for it. But the Georgian delegation rejected this opportunity, "- said Dzhioev.
Moreover, according to him, the idea of ​​holding a joint meeting of on December 12 was not a surprise to anyone.
"The South Ossetian delegation informed on paper in advance and discussed this issue with the co-moderators of the talks before the next round", - stressed the envoy.
Dzhioev expressed the hope that next time the Georgian side would have more desire for a constructive discussion.

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