Ilia II has not prestige in South Ossetia - MP

Thu, 31/01/2013 - 11:02

The Georgian Patriarch Ilia II has not prestige in South Ossetia. This has been said IA "Res" by Vice-Speaker of the Parliament of South Ossetia Yuri Dzitstsoity, commenting on the meeting of the head of the Georgian church with the Moscow Ossetian community. He has recalled that Patriarch Ilia II during his visit to Moscow met with the Georgians, living in Moscow, among them were also members of the Moscow Ossetian community - Amirkhan Torchinov, Gocha Dzasokhov and others.

"According to the media, they promised Ilia II to assist in the removal of '' some misunderstanding''. So they have characterized the genocide of the Ossetian people, assuring him in contribution in the returning of the lost territories of Georgia - Abkhazia and South Ossetia ", - said Dzitstsoity.
Deputy Speaker has noted that South Ossetia is a secular country where the church is separated from the state.
"So what's going on in that area, which is represented by Ilia II, is not interesting for me, as it affects the interests of the Ossetian people. He has not prestige in South Ossetia absolutely. More accurate is to say that he has negative prestige. So I doubt very much that he can reconcile at least two people, representatives of different nations, not to mention the two nations as a whole. This task is beyond his power,"- he stressed.
The MP has underlined that Ilia II was one of the ideologists of the Georgian fascism.
"Imagine that God would have forgiven him this sin. Imagine that South Ossetia in 20 or 30 would have also forgiven him this sin. It would not mean that South Ossetia changed its policy and turned to Georgia. These are different issues, "- said Dzitstsoity.
Furthermore, in his view, Ilia II continues to call South Ossetia "Samachablo," which is an artificial and offensive term;that means he is a narrow-minded, and for this reason he cannot achieve success in South Ossetia.
As for those people who position themselves as representatives of the Ossetian people in Moscow, Deputy Speaker expressed doubt about the fact that the Ossetian diaspora in Moscow was of the same opinion.
"I am sure that they do not consider the genocide of the Ossetian people the misunderstanding, but genocide, and if this issue is discussed by the Moscow Ossetian community, it will be on the South Ossetian side, not on the side of those renegades who have suddenly decided to render service to Ilie II on behalf of the Ossetian people. They do not have that right, they have not been empowered, and their statements mean an attempt to play up to Ilia II ", - stressed the parliamentarian.
According to him, if the Ossetian and Georgian people are at peace, it will not mean that South Ossetia will lose its independence.
"Peace can be established if Georgia recognizes the independence of South Ossetia. Here's the only way that is acceptable to us, to Russia, and I am sure that to majority of the population of Georgia, too, "- concluded Dzitstsoity.

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