South Ossetian President awarded the riotsquad members

Thu, 14/02/2013 - 17:06

Today the riot squad of South Ossetia is marking the 21st anniversary of its formation. The ceremonial column of march on the festive occasion was attended by President of the Republic Leonid Tibilov, the government officials, the riot squad`s veterans.
The President has congratulated the members of the riot squad on their professional holiday, noting that due to the selflessness of these guys people of South Ossetia are living in peace today.

"21years have passed since formation of the riot squad. We all remember how this squad was established; we remember those difficult days, when the Georgian aggressor treacherously invaded our territory. Since then you had suffered many hardships, you had been doing it for the Ossetian people, your brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers, children. We have come to a peaceful life, going through hard trials, giving human lives. Your team has also suffered great losses, the memory of them should always live in our hearts,"- said the president.
He has also expressed the hope that the people serving in the riot squad, will continue to serve selflessly, and people of South Ossetia will feel themselves protected.
The President has also presented the state awards and diplomas to the most distinguished officers.
One of the advanced units of the Interior Ministry was also congratulated by the Interior Minister Akhsar Lavoev; he told about the history of the riot formation in 1992, founded by Vadim Gazzayev.
According to him, manymembers of the riot squad, sacrificing their lives, have made invaluable contribution not only to repulse aggression of the Georgian fascism, but also to the fight against crime. Those present observed a minute of silence in memory of the fallen soldiers.
Lavoev said that 14 best riot squad members had been decorated with an order "Uatsamonga," - the highest military state award of South Ossetia. Six of them were awarded posthumously.
According to Lavoev, a presidential decree on presenting the battle flag to the riot squad for great services for their homeland is the evidence of recognition of importance of the role of the riot squad in the formation of the young Republic.
"At present the riot squad - is one of the most combat-ready and disciplined units of the Interior Ministry, performing its functions on maintaining public order under complicated operational situation", - said the minister.
Lavoev thanked members of the Squad for conscientious and selfless service.
Many employees have also been granted today the interdepartmental awards. Chief of Staff of the riot squad Gennady Bolotaev was awarded the nominal firearms.

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