The head of the media center "Ir": We will be speaking up, because there are a lot of "deaf" and "blind" persons in political sphere

Thu, 21/02/2013 - 12:56

March 1, South Ossetian media center "Ir" will be three years. This, of course, is a small period of activities, but it showed that the work of the center was necessary and interesting to the public. Media center "Ir" – is a non-governmental organization, the discussion forum, first of all, the channel of social and political communication. As IA "Res" has been reported by the President of Media center Irina Gagloeva, certain issues and problems that concern the South Ossetian society are usually brought for a public debate.
" Time has proved that it is more effective when it is done by non-governmental organizations. Our Republic has a lot of problems. And, of course, we can`t discuss all of them, so the priority for us is the development of our statehood, "- said Gagloeva.

At the media center are regularly held the panel discussions on the topics related to the South Ossetian government, meetings with the interesting people, as well as the presentations.
"In 2011 we began to publish our own magazine; it was already published four issues and soon its release will be resumed. We have a website where we are trying to show the life of the Republic, in the context of our work. Comments, publications of the experts of the media center can be seen in many different information sources, "- said the head of the center.
Gagloeva has also said that during the three years of its activities the media center has focused on a lot of urgent issues.
"Our young country reached the independence through the brutal war that Georgia had unleashed against us, - she stressed. - These days it is not an easy time, too. There are a lot of problems, which need to be discussed, and we have been trying to do. We meet different political forces, whose opinion on the current processes in the Republic in interesting to us. It would be desirable, of course, the active participation of representatives of the parties and social movements. "
Gagloeva has noted that there was a time when the media center was on the verge of being closed down, but even then the work did not stop.
"Of course, not all the problems, discussed at the media center, were solved, and we must think about how to achieve positive results after the debates. Unfortunately, a lot depends on subjective factors,"- she emphasized.
Gagloeva has also assured that the media center is achieving real momentum in its work, in the future they have a lot of interesting projects.
"We are open to all. Discussions are ongoing, the voice of our people need to be heard by all. Moreover, there is a serious tendency to substitute the opinion of citizens of South Ossetia by incomprehensible statements made by some marginal persons. Only Heaven knows where they have come from. We will be speaking up, because there are a lot of the "deaf" and "blind" persons in political sphere.
So, we have a lot of work to be done, "- she concluded.

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