Media Review of Georgia:Georgia is in a mess because of the threat of new arrests, but the country does not think to abandon the course that led to its collapse

Mon, 25/02/2013 - 18:17

Georgia continues to dot the i's and cross the t's after the criminal governing by Eduard Shevardnadze and Saakashvili, who, along with Zviad Gamsakhurdia, distinguished themselves in the most scaled crimes and human rights violations.
"The family of a journalist Georgy Sanaya demands for a new investigation and will soon go to the prosecutor," - writes the Georgian publication "Georgia Online" February 24 in an article "Family of a journalist Georgy Sanaya is demanding re-investigation of the case."

"Today the family members and friends of the slain journalist, according to tradition, on the occasion of birthday of Georgy Sanaya, gathered at his tomb, where the family made a special statement. "At the trial everything was falsified. Therefore, it`s necessary to conduct a new investigation. We `ll go to the prosecutor. Our family will help in every possible way to establish the objective truth, who, why and for what purpose ordered the assassination. Who was an accomplice, assistant, "- said Vakho Sanaya. According to him, the participation of the accused Gregory Khurtsilava in the assassination of Georgy Sanaya, is not excluded, but the reasons he voiced are unimportant. The assassination is not solved, and the customers are not punished, "- is said in the publication.
The talented Georgian journalist Georgy Sanaya was killed July 26, 2001 at home at the age of 26 years. It happened under Eduard Shevardnadze, who became notorious for toughen shelling of Tskhinval and unleashing war against Abkhazia, but also for many crimes against his own people.
But who is investigating these and other crimes, if the power system in Georgia is in such a mess, and no one knows which of the high-ranking officials will be arrested tomorrow, because the arrest of almost any of them would be reasonable. But this is half the trouble - there is also a mess in those organs that are liable to comply with the law. Is no exception that it concerns the extremely important organ as the High Council of Justice.
"Office of the Prosecutor of Georgia has initiated investigations in the High Council of Justice. This was said "The First Radio" by a member of the High Council of Justice, MP Paata Lezhava. According to Lezhava`s statement, the prosecutors suppressed the Council’sdocumentation, however, -what case is under investigation is unknown. It should be noted that the meeting of the High Council of Justice is scheduled for tomorrow. According to the disseminated information, the two judges - Besarion Alavidze and Maya Gigauri have no higher legal education, and they were assigned in violation of the law," -writes "Georgia Online" February 24 in the article "Office of the Prosecutor is conducting investigation in the High Council of Justice."
Clouds have also gathered over the Mayor of Tbilisi Gigi Ugulava, who was once famous for his bellicose statements against South Ossetia. It would have been better for him to observe the law without plundering. In the article "The prosecutor's office will demand going to the law on a preventive measure to the mayor of Tbilisi." February 24 the same publication says: "The prosecutor's office will demand to go to the law on the issue of awarding the Mayor of Tbilisi Gigi Ugulava the judicial restraint. Yesterday the Investigation Service of the Ministry of Finance officially brought a charge against Ugulava, but the Mayor exercised his right of silence, therefore, they failed to question him. According to the explanation of the Investigation Service of the Ministry of Finance, today, at 18:00, which is the statutory deadline, the Prosecutor will appeal to the court in connection with awarding Ugulava the judicial restraint. The investigation accuses the Tbilisi Mayor Gigi Ugulava of unlawful embezzlement and money laundering."
There are also other reports of prosecution of the current and former top leaders of Georgia, including the government members.
"In the Municipal Court is the trial of the former Minister of Youth and Sport of Georgia Lado Vardzelashvili, Zviad Kavtaradze and Vakhtang Bichashvili.
The Court is considering an issue to awarding the judicial restraint ... Yesterday Lado Vardzelashvili, Zviad Kavtaradze and Vakhtang Bichashvili were brought charges. Vardzelashvili is charged under the Criminal Code of Georgia with illegal possession of weapon. Law enforcement officers accused former Minister of Youth and Sport, and two persons - Zviad Kavtaradze and Vakhtang Bichashvili February 22, after the accident happened in the house of Vardzelashvili. As a result of the accident was killed a 45-year-old Devi Siradze, -writes "Georgia Online" in the article "The Tbilisi City Court hears the case of ex-Minister of Sports and Youth."
And the further development of the situation in the article "The Courtdetermined the bail to former Minister of Sports and Youth as a preventive measure": "The Tbilisi city court sentenced three persons accused of murdering the Ministry of Youth and Sports Devi Siradze , to bail. The Court sentenced the former Minister of Youth and Sports Lado Vardzelashvili, accused of illegal possession of weapons and sentenced to a bail of $ 3 thousand GEL, Vakhtang Bichashvili-to 6000 GEL on a charge of unlawful sale, donation of weapons, - Zviad Kavtaradze, accused of killing a man negligently – to bail of 15 thousand GEL. The accused are given 15 days to pay the bail, and then they will be released. The prosecution demanded the bail for Bichashvili and Vardzelashvili to amount 7 and 4 thousand GEL respectively, against Zviad Kavtaradze the prosecution demanded pre-trial detention . Pretrial hearing on the case will be held April 17, at 12:00. Lado Vardzelashvili, Zviad Kavtaradze and Vakhtang Bichashvili were brought charge yesterday. Vardzelashvili is charged under the Criminal Code, whith illegal possession of weapons. "
In the light of all these crimes one could not asking a question: what have obtained the Georgian people as a result of their struggle for "independence"? Luxury of the privileged few and hopeless penury of the majority. Time has shown naivety and futility of the project of the Georgian "independence", which affects primarily the people of Georgia.
Of course, against this background, many former and current thievish or those afraid to be imprisoned officials of Georgia are trying to divert the attention of citizens of Georgia from the pressing problems. So of course, they will be strongly inflaming anti-Russian, anti-Ossetian and anti-Abkhazian sentiments. This conclusion is based on the article "A peaceful rally "No occupation." will be held today at the post in Ergneti."
It said: "On February 24, 21:00 pm near the post in Ergneti (Tskhinvali region of the Russian occupation of Georgia) will be held a peaceful rally "No occupation." Participants of the action will create a so-called chain of peace, light candles and launch the luminous lanterns with the picture of flag of Georgia into the air. Prior to this event in Tbilisi, at Heroes' Square, the members of the organization "It`s time" will commemorate the heroes who died in the struggle for a United Georgia and lay flowers on their graves. The participants will share the slogans: "It`s time to complete the occupation of Georgia! The Unity Time! No occupation". Then they will move to the administrative border of Samachablo."
Whatever happens in Georgia, what crimes are committed by those in power against the people, the people will always blame for their troubles anyone, but not themselves, even though they had brought them to power. Meanwhile, it would be nice to think and understand that the neighbors need to maintain good relations, rather than trying to destroy them, enslave or banish.
Georgia is skillfully triggering a backflash.

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