Media Review of Georgia:While Saakashvili is acting "like a child," the government is verging on making important decisions on South Ossetia

Mon, 04/03/2013 - 19:12

The readers seem to remember that in the course of the information-political confrontation between South Ossetia and Georgia, Saakashvili`s government created all sorts of the information twins of the South Ossetia organizations and institutions in order to make a hash of things.

Today, the Georgian president is doing the same in his country. Although the Georgian parliamentary elections were held in October 2013, for more than six months the new government has been appointing new ministers, ambassadors and other officials, Saakashvili has refused to sign the appointments. Thus, the same positions at the same time are being held by the persons previously appointed by the president, and by the officials appointed by the government, after increasing its powers.
"I hope that the President will stop behave like a stubborn child, said the Minister of Corrections, Probation and Legal Assistance of Georgia Sozar Subari, commenting on a meeting of the President and Prime Minister, scheduled for tomorrow " - wrote "Georgia Online" in the article "Subaru hopes the President ''will stop'' behave like a stubborn child" ( March 3, 2013).
"When are appointed the deputy ministers, ambassadors, but the President for a whole month has not signed these appointments - it is stubbornness. Why does he think that the ambassador is representing some concrete persons or a particular government, but not the country? "- said Subari.
In connection with the actual processes in Georgia the Head of the Eurasian Institute Gulbaat Rtskhiladze gave the interview to the newspaper "Akhali Taoba" -"National Movement," as a criminal organization, should be smashed", accusing Saakashvili's party of presence of the gunmen and called for its ban: "As it turns out, the nationals have their own militias. One of these bases was revealed and picketed by Shota Apkhaidze, Levan Chitadze and others - at Khvicha Makatsaria`s home- office. Also, the "reservists"– the characters of the known list by Alasania- are still inSamegrelo. Recently, at the request of security expert of the Security Council of Georgia David Purtskhvanidze, he was responded on behalf of Gigi Bokeria that the reservists continued their activities. The government has no reaction to it. Garibashvili is a great minister, but if we put him in an excessively democratic framework, while these nationalscannot be framed, his work will be ineffective. There must be a revolutionary medium, the National gang needs to be completely eliminated; it should be revealed the strategic installations, which are under its control, and should be taken away. The criminals should be thrown into prison, and the "intellectually" supporters should be marginalized. I know I'm saying the unacceptable things in terms of the human rights activists, but I am a political scientist, and above all, a realist. First, we should create a solid reality, and then we will defend the rights of the nationals. If we do not do it, the nationals might have small chances tomaintaintheir political image and retain the influence over certain processes, but I do not expect their triumphant return, so strong is the people`s hatred for them. But it is inadmissible for them to retain some influence in the country, because, along with the financial leverage, this might be a source of constant tension. So I repeat: The National Movement, as a criminal organization, should be eliminated. "
Against this background, the actions on the return of the Georgian wine and vodka to the Russian market are ongoing.
"The first phase of inspecting the Georgian wineries and plants for producing mineral water by the Russian Consumer Inspectorate is completed; 44 enterpriseshave been inspected. According to the head of the Russian Consumer Inspectorate Gennady Onishchenko, during the inspection was revealed a number of defects in the work of the enterprises, but these defects are not so essential. The visit of the Russian experts, which ended on March 1, was successful, said the head of the National Agency "Georgian wine" Levan Davitashvili. According to him, during the inspection were checked the quality control system of the products and sanitation of 40 wineries, as well as four enterprises for producing mineral water, including "Borjomi". Despite the fact that during the inspection was revealed a number of defects in the work of the Georgian enterprises for producing wine and mineral water, the inspection results are optimistic, said Gennady Onishchenko, "- writes "Business-Georgia" in the article "Onishchenko has revealed defects in the wineries of Georgia" on March 2.
The work on elimination the irritation factors in the Georgian-Ossetian relations declared by the new government of Georgia over a long time, is also under way and we should note some successful steps. That is the release of a number of residents of South Ossetia from the Georgian prisons. It should be noted that in contrast to its previous initiatives, Georgia reached the real sensitive issues that may facilitate the return of confidence in the Georgian-Ossetian relations.
"Georgian State Minister for Reintegration Zakareishvili supports the initiative of the Georgian Ombudsman to release from prison a resident of Tskhinvali region Marek Dudaev. The Georgian conflict analyst Gogi Khutsishvili has also welcomed the release of Marek Dudaev. However, he expects the two positive results by releasing Dudaev. The same opinion is shared by the expert on the Caucasus Mamuka Areshidze. In his opinion, "Dudaev`s political creed since his detention has changedanddoes not pose a threat to the Georgian statehood any more. I appreciate the initiative of the Ombudsman for his release, and I think that he can be released. Yet, at the same time, the South Ossetian side, must also reciprocate and release those who are not guilty of the pseudo-crossing the pseudo border, but have been serving sentences. I do know that at the last meeting in Ergneti the Ossetian party has again raised the question of Dudaev. Georgian party has responded that Dudaev was visited by the Ombudsman and delivered the above initiative, "- said Mamuka Areshidze. Meanwhile, Marek Dudaev may raise the question on the revision of his case. It is reported by his lawyer Natia Siradze. According to her, in this case there is a lot of controversy, and it is possible that Dudaev will apply to the prosecutor's office to review the case, "- wrote "Georgia Online" February 28, 2013 in the article "The issue of Marek Dudaev`s release may be resolved positively. "
The visa regime simplification with Russia is also under discussion in Georgia.
"According to the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Georgia Maia Panjikidze the visa regime with Russia could be simplified. She said the consultations with Russia on visa facilitation are under way. "This time the meeting of Grigory Karasin and Zurab Abashidze was more specific than the previous one. A visa regime with Russia will be simplified, but not be canceled, that is important for the population and soon in this regard will be the concrete results, "- said Panjikidze" - writes «MediaNews» March 3, 2013 in the article "" The visa regime with Russia may be simplified "- Maya Panjikidze."
Can the new Georgian government actually improve relations with Russia, completely damaged for the nine years of Saakashvili`s ruling? Time will show.

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