Co-chairs of the Geneva discussions will arrive in South Ossetia

Tue, 12/03/2013 - 13:34

March 13 South Ossetia is expected to host Co-chairs of the Geneva international discussions on security in Transcaucasia.
As IA "Res" has been informed at the Office of the Presidential Envoy of South Ossetia on post-conflict settlement, the delegation consists of the OSCE Co-Chair Andriy Deshitsa, co-chair of the EU Philippe Lefort, the UN co-chair Antti Turunen, UNHCR representative Guillermo Bettokki, a representative of the EU Commission Thierry Bechet , the OSCE spokesman Emmanuel Anquetil.

"In Tskhinval the co-chairs will meet with the RSO Presidential Envoy for post-conflict settlement Murat Dzhioev and members of the South Ossetian delegation at the Geneva international talks," – was noted at the envoy`s office .
They have added, there will be held a meeting with representatives of ethnic communities. The delegation will also visit a water intake in Znaur district.
The 23 round of the Geneva international discussions is scheduled for March 26-27, 2013.

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