Review of the Georgian media. Georgia in the international prostitution network is not able to recover from the scandal about the videos with scenes of tortures in prisons

Tue, 30/07/2013 - 19:49

Catholicos-Patriarch of Georgia Ilya II said that Russian President Vladimir Putin had promised to return Georgian refugees to South Ossetia. This is stated in the article of the Georgian news website "Georgia Online" on July 28, 2013, "Ilya II hopes that Putin will fulfill the promise to return refugees."
It is noted in the article that "Catholicos-Patriarch of All Georgia Ilya II ho

pes that Russian President Vladimir Putin will fulfill his promise."
"As Ilya II said the "9-th channel," Patriarch Kirill had promised him in the near future to draft a document that would consider the problem of Christianity in Abkhazia and the so-called South Ossetia. His Holiness said that President Vladimir Putin also adhered to this position,
that "the issue of refugees from Abkhazia and Tskhinvali region will be considered separately, paying special attention to this problem. From that point must start the process of returning our refugees to their homes and everything should be done for this purpose. Putin, most likely, will fulfill his promise, "- said Ilya II."
The same publication issued the article, "Viktor Yanukovych has decorated Ilya II with the First Class Order of Prince Yaroslav the Wise."
"Yesterday Yanukovych received the heads of the world Orthodox churches, who had arrived in Kiev in connection with the 1025th anniversary of the Baptism of Rus. President of Ukraine accentuated the importance and values of the Orthodox faith, and thanked the Patriarch for efforts aimed at boosting faith. In Kiev, on the Vladimir Hill was held a festive prayer service dedicated to the1025th anniversary of the Baptism of Kievan Russia, which was attended by Russian President Vladimir Putin. "
Against this gracious background Georgia continues to participate in the international prostitution network. The article "Uzbek prostitutes staged a bloody slaughter in Georgia" on July 24, 2013 contains the shocking details:
"The body of the murdered 26-year-old Uzbek woman was discovered on July 3 in the forest in Adzharia, Western Georgia. She was working in the Batumi club "Arena" and over one and a half months was engaged in prostitution. According to the publication, the trail leads to one of the houses on Khimshiashvili Street, rented by the Uzbek citizen Nargis Begim Rakhmanova, who dealt with engaging Uzbek women into prostitution (Rakhmanova managed to escape during the detention of her criminal group). Rakhmanova had sent the deceased Kurambaeva to the disco club "Arena" and only on her sexual exploitation earned $ 3,000. When Kurambaeva decided to run away she was brutally murdered."
The scandal caused by brutal tortures and mass rapes of male inmates in Georgian prisons by the prison officers does not abate in Georgia. After the parliamentary elections in Georgia, when the team of the still President Saakashvili had lost political power, became public the information about the secret videotapes, set up by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia (as it is known in Georgia, state security and police are joined into the structure of the Ministry of Internal Affairs).
The article of the news agency «» on July 25, 2013 "Recommendations of Hammarberg, with regard to the illegal recordings" states that according to the latest data published by the Interior Ministry on July 24, the volume of the entire archive has been increased to 24 000 records.
"It is estimated that only a small part of this vast material contains the personal life of citizens, mostly a sexual life. The remaining materials reflect meetings and conversations of politicians, journalists, civil society representatives and other individuals; there are also videos that contain scenes of tortures, "- informed the news agency.
This information reached the highest European authorities. The article goes on to note: "The EU Advisor for Human Rights in Georgia, Thomas Hammarberg has advised the government to formalize the existing commission, which was established to oversee the destruction of the archive audio and video recordings that reflected personal life obtained as a result of illegal surveillance.
Hammarberg, who in February, 2013 was appointed by the European Commission a special advisor for legal issues and constitutional reforms and human rights in Georgia, advised the authorities of Georgia, that the secret material, containing the personal life of citizens, could be destroyed only after a'' quick and ''effective review of these materials by a special commission to gather evidence that would help in the criminal proceedings against those who had created this archive kept at the Ministry of Internal Affairs. "
Hammarberg has advised the Commission to comply with the privacy rights of persons but at the same time "collecting, if possible, the evidential material that will be used in the legal paperwork against those who are responsible for these crimes."
"Prepare a detailed description of all these criminal acts to form the right, unbiased, historical record on the matter, including the description and the measures taken by members of the committee, which were aimed at correcting the damage already done. This will require a detailed study of the archived material ... Priority should be given to the analysis of two specific categories: records with scenes of intimate personal life and records containing the scenes of torture. In both cases should be taken measures to protect personal immunity ", - is stated in the recommendation.
Hammarberg said that the sole purpose of viewing the records containing the personal life should be to ensure that "the information, which can be used in court, is not lost."
Meanwhile, Mikhail Saakashvili is still holding the presidency, but - with the much reduced powers - not being ashamed of what have done the Georgian law enforcement agencies. He even dares to attack the emerging progress in the improvement of Russian-Georgian relations.
Saakashvili commented on the events in Tbilisi at the stadium "Dinamo Arena" and noted that before the deputy of the Russian Federation State Duma Gavrilov "they were dancing, singing and, probably, bowing and scraping when the Georgian patriots were in prison." This was stated by the president at a meeting with former ambassadors at his residence July 8, 2013.
"They brought a State Duma deputy, who voted for the collapse of Georgia in 2008 ... and the incident has occurred, resulting in the arrest of three young Georgians, who, as far as I know, are refugees from Abkhazia and at the same time, two of them are former members of the armed forces, and one -David Gogokhiya -intends to enter the Military Academy. The Georgian patriots were arrested for being a few meters from there [where were the Russian deputies - ed.] with posters "Abkhazia is Georgia" and condemned the occupation, while they were dancing, singing, and, probably, bowing and scraping to please Gavrilov, and when he was tired of drinking and was resting, the Georgian patriots were sitting in a prison cell, "- said the president.
At the same time some robust processes are taking place in Georgia, however, it is difficult to say, whether they are true processes of cleansing or just revenge of the new team on its predecessors.
"For the ninth month in Georgia has been taking place the restoration of justice and the lost honor. Almost the daily detentions of officials of the former ruling National Movement party and loud processes ensure the ongoing spectacle. Georgia probably leads records on the number of released from prisons within a short period of time. At times, it reaches the point of absurdity, when the people who were engaged in espionage against the Georgian state, are granted the status of political prisoners. Moreover, some of them require to punish the former high-ranking officials and payments of fabulous sums because they do not plead guilty, "- writes Leila Naroushvili in the article" Separatism can return," July 11, 2013.
With such baggage Georgia is preparing for presidential elections.
"A member of the parliamentary majority Gubaz Sanikidze believes that a serious competitor to the presidential candidate of the coalition" Georgian Dream" Giorgi Margvelashvili will be a leader of the Democratic Movement Nino Burjanadze.
"Nino Burjanadze, of course, is a serious competitor. Presidential candidate of the "National Movement" will probably be David Bakradze, but this party will not be able to achieve anything considerable", - Sanikidze said and added that the" National Front" had excluded that Kakha Shartava would become a presidential candidate.
Gubaz Sanikidze also talked about replacing Giorgi Margvelashvily as Minister of Education and Science of Georgia and noted that the coalition had several candidates, but any concrete person was not announced yet.
According to him, Margvelashvili will abandon his post when it's needed,"- writes the news agency "Pirveli" in the article "A serious contender to George Margvelashvily will be Nino Burjanadze."

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