Looking back in 2008. August 11


The war in August 2008

On the night of August 11, Tskhinval was again being shelled, despite the fact that earlier the Georgian army had retreated to the administrative border with South Ossetia. That night the South Ossetian security forces captured 19 Georgian subversives.

The situation in South Ossetia, which had become a major topic around the world, was being discussed at almost all international platforms. August 11 France submitted a plan to settle the Georgian South Ossetian conflict, the main provisions of which were - an immediate ceasefire, the provision of medical assistance to the wounded, as well as the withdrawal of the Georgian and the Russian troops from the conflict zone.
Georgian authorities did not react to these statements; Russian peacekeepers in South Ossetia again came under fire. Clashes between the Russian peacekeepers and the Georgian military forces continued in the southern part of Tskhinval district. One of the peacekeepers` posts was bombed by the Georgian air forces, as a result of which three peacekeepers were killed and four Russian servicemen were injured.
In the morning of August 11 the Russian Emergencies Ministry delivered the first batch of humanitarian aid to South Ossetia.
By noon the fire on the road from Tskhinval to the Ruck tunnel at the border with Russia has ceased, the situation has stabilized. Evacuation of local residents from the surrounding settlements continued, and the military equipment, including tanks and self-propelled artillery was heading for Tskhinval.
August 11, the "operation to enforce to peace" in the zone of the Georgian Ossetian conflict was largely completed. The reinforced Russian peacekeeping contingent took over the control of Tskhinval.

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