The situation at the border between South Ossetia and Georgia's "is stirred up" intentionally

Mon, 30/09/2013 - 13:19

Residents of the Georgian villages bordering on South Ossetia, have expressed their dissatisfaction with the engineering constructive works at the state border of the Republic. In turn, the South Ossetian authorities say they are ready to discuss with the representatives of Tbilisi the delimitation issues, as this is the subject of a bilateral agreement.
September 25 residents of the Georgian village of Dvani expressed their discontent with the delimitation works at the state border of South Ossetia.

About 15 local residents said the journalists that there was not a state border between South Ossetia and Georgia and the dividing structures are erected in the territory of Georgia.
"Ossetians have never lived here. They came here from the mountains. And we have lived here for centuries, "- said one of the villagers, concerned that his house burned during the fighting in August 2008 turned out to be in the South Ossetian territory.
"We have to dismantle the walls of our homes and build them farther on," - he said, explaining that he had not another home but he did not want to live in South Ossetia. At the same time, he did not explain how he had been living among the bare walls for the last five years.
The head of the KGB of South Ossetia Alexander Smirnov told the journalists that the dividing line was placed between South Ossetian village of Mugut and the Georgian village of Dvani after the end of the military aggression in August 2008 to prevent cross-border movements of people and livestock.
"Then this delimiter was installed between the two villages, as well as the pointer, that the line of the border line was 50 meters farther. Therefore, several houses turned out to be between this delimiter and the state border,"- said Smirnov.
He has stressed that this, as well as other issues should be discussed and resolved with the official representatives of the Georgian authorities.
"However, in Tbilisi pretend that South Ossetia does not exist, stating that such negotiations are possible only with Moscow. As you can see, this "blindness" generates such issues,"- he said.
The Deputy Head of the KGB Border Control Service of South Ossetia Robert Gazzaev in conversation with the locals said that none of them would be ousted from the South Ossetian territory.
"You may live here. We will not expel anyone. But, having made your choice, you must honor the border, observing the laws of South Ossetia", - said Gazzaev.
According to the residents of the village of Mugut, delimitation works should be completed as soon as possible, because the residents of Dvani behave themselves aggressively. And this aggression is "stirred up" by "teachers" from Tbilisi.
"As the villages are located close by, we all know each other and formerly got on well. But now Georgian police, officials often come here, forcing the Georgian population to aggressive behavior, "- said a resident of Mugut Vladimir Tokmaev, whose house is located half a hundred meters away from the border line.
As if in confirmation of his words the young man standing on the other side of the demarcation line shouted out something in Georgian, something obviously hostile.
"They say that soon the border line will be removed, and then we`ll see who the real master is," - added Tokmaev.
On some sections of the state border line the Georgian side has repeatedly held actions, whose members were protesting against the ongoing works. They try to provoke the border guards into applying force. The last action was held September 25 near the village of Mugut; the next is scheduled for tomorrow. The regularity and the same scenario suggest that the actions are not spontaneous.
"We have never seen among the protesters artisans and farmers living in the border villages. Basically they are representatives of the police and district officials, journalists, "- says the head of the press service of the KGB.
He has added that the demarcation works are carried out on the instruction of the Border Guard Service of the KGB of South Ossetia by the Russian company.
"These barriers are placed at a short distance from the border line, in our territory and are designed to prevent crossing the border line by people and livestock," - said Smirnov.
Also in places of the most frequent violations of the border regime are installed surveillance cameras, fixing the illegal crossing of the border at a distance of several kilometers.

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