The Georgian authorities have arranged another protest action at the border of South Ossetia

Fri, 04/10/2013 - 18:57

Today at the border between South Ossetia and Georgia has been held a protest action near the Georgian village of Ditsi; another one has taken place near the village of Dvani.

As the news agency "Res" has been informed at the press service of the KGB of South Ossetia, both actions are peaceful; the participants are in the territory of Georgia. The situation is under control of the Georgian police and observers of the EU Monitoring Mission in Georgia.
"The protesters do not approach the state border of South Ossetia and do not try to harm the border infrastructure. Our border guards are also monitoring the actions of the Georgian side,"- said the KGB official.
It should be noted that the Georgian authorities not for the first time organized the action aimed at disrupting the engineering constructive works at the state border of South Ossetia. Earlier, such actions with the participation of local residents and journalists were held several times near the human settlements Ditsi and Dvani.

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