Engineering structures on the border between South Ossetia and Georgia are warning and informative

Sat, 30/11/2013 - 10:38

In South Ossetia are ongoing the works on erecting the engineering structures along the state border. As the news agency "Res" was reported at the press service of the State Security Committee of South Ossetia, the erected constructions are symbolic, the main purpose of which is - to prevent inadvertent violation of the state border by population and livestock.
"For those who intend to cross the border illegally, the barriers will not be serious obstacles, " - noted the KGB official.

At all section, is being constructed the fence, the height of which is no more than two meters.
"The fence is clearly visible, painted in green color and has the appropriate banners with warning signs in four languages. Its only task is to clearly inform the population of the state border line of the Republic of South Ossetia," - a spokesman has explained, adding that the barbed wire fences installed after the Georgian aggression in 2008, eventually will become a thing of the past.
"We do not provide any barriers that could harm people or animals. There will be only a chain-link fence and information banners. Reliability of the protection of our borders will ensure people and equipment, as it is done in a modern and civilized world,"- said the press service official, noting with regret that the engineering works on the South Ossetian border cause a painful reaction in Georgia, where the area is still called the "front line."
"Deliberately ignoring South Ossetia as state, officials from Tbilisi continue to recite the memorized phrases about "invaders "and" territorial integrity," but rather addressing the West and their own population. However, the key to the solution of the existing problems is clearly seen. The South Ossetian side has repeatedly offered the Georgian authorities to sit down at the negotiating table to discuss the border line", - said the KGB spokesman.
However, the Georgian side politicizes the situation regularly making show with the participation of its citizens and the international community.
In the case of mutual interest in the negotiations on the state border both South Ossetia and Georgia would get much more dividends - the security of the residents, economic activity in the border areas, the ordered operation of checkpoints, as well as peace and stability in the region. Meanwhile, as noted in the KGB, the South Ossetian side is unilaterally conducting the construction works on the state border, guided by documentary materials and maps, inherited from the Soviet Union.
"Signs indicating the border line in Ossetian, Russian, English and Georgian languages will eventually be installed around the perimeter of the border. In some places there are already installed fences, which, in process of receipt of financing, is expected to be installed along the Georgian-South Ossetian border"- said the press service official.
In some places, banners are installed in the open field, in other places they are right near the settlements, but always strictly on the boundary line.
"About 35 kilometers of the territory is already equipped with the barrage fence. First of all it is installed in the areas adjoining settlements, roads and other infrastructure. This is in Znaur district and in Tskhinvali district, the outskirts of the villages Tsinagar and Orchosan in Leningor district."
At the first phase the information banners with the designation of the border line should become the reference points, as the locals, moving, grazing cattle and cultivating fields, are not always aware of the territory on which they are. After the border is marked, walking freely in both directions will become a thing of history. "The presence of the state border, where for twenty years was the front line - is a reality that Tbilisi have to reckon, regardless of its intentions. After all, peace and tranquility is today much more important for everyone, regardless of affiliation to any state, nation or territory. We hope that over time, people get used to the new realities and be respectful of the neighboring territory and its inhabitants," – emphasized the KGB press service official.
Now along the border are carried out works on cleaning the territory from bushes and garbage.
"With the support of the local governments currently is under way the clearing of the areas along the state border. Then will start engineering works. We hear accusations of Georgia, as if the land of the Georgian peasants was confiscated. But, sorry, it's the territory of South Ossetia, it is documented, and the land - it is the property of the state and if someone used it in the period of lawlessness, that time is over," - said the representative of the KGB. Thus, the statistics of violations and crimes on the border with Georgia is the evidence of the steady decline in the number of inadvertent crossings and incidents where the border was arranged.

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