Vladislav Surkov: South Ossetia has established an effective building control system

Wed, 24/12/2014 - 16:12

Russian Presidential Aide Vladislav Surkov has recently arrived in South Ossetia on a working visit. He became acquainted with the implementation of the Investment Program to promote socio-economic development of South Ossetia in 2014, met with the President of the Republic, heads of the ministries and agencies, representatives of the construction companies. On the outcome of his visit Surkov told in an interview with the Republican and Russian media representatives.

- How effectively has been implemented the Investment program in 2014?
- I am pleased to note that the Investment program is being implemented strictly according to plan. The New Year is coming, and we have yet to complete the three objects. But I have full confidence that this will be done, and I think this is a significant achievement. Today I felt a great emotional lift from what I have seen, because I remember well my first visit. The main conclusion that can be done is that this year the Republic of South Ossetia has established an effective building control system. We have already completed 23 objects as it was planned; there was no revision of the terms or costs. Anyone who is engaged in construction knows that to meet the deadline is very rare and extremely difficult task. In previous years the situation in South Ossetia in the construction industry was, to put it mildly, ambiguous. It is obvious that today the country has its own construction companies, skilled builders, effective control. Builders from Tatarstan helped South Ossetia, especially at first, but mutual aid stimulates exchange of experience and competition. I can say that I am satisfied with the implementation of the Investment program.

- Taking into account the so-called sanctions against Russia, a difficult financial situation, is it possible that the Russian Federation will scrap any program for 2015 - 2017 and reduce aid in the reconstruction and development of South Ossetia?
- I assure you that nothing will be scrapped. We can and must give up some of our internal goals, but we have no the right to disappoint our strategic partners. The objects, scheduled for implementation in the investment program for 2015 - 2017 and the current level of funding for socio- economic activities remain unchanged.
One of the topics that we discussed with the leadership of South Ossetia is preparing to sign a new international agreement on the alliance and integration. The signing of this Treaty will be followed by additional obligations, including material. They are directly related to the level of living of the population and defense of South Ossetia. I understand that in Russia there are different moods, but I know the position of Russian President Vladimir Putin - he believes this trend a priority.

- Is it possible to attract Russian business community to the implementation of economic projects in South Ossetia?
- Of course it is, and in this respect quite a lot is done. I have already said at the meeting with the government that the South Ossetian companies are able to supply their production for the needs of the Russian defense industry. This is an unprecedented decision, but so far we have not any proposals from the South Ossetian partners, though this is a great opportunity to stimulate the economic development. We have established an investment agency that is ready to finance local investment projects. South Ossetia itself must display initiative in attracting Russian investors. The government of any state seeks for investors itself. It is clear that in South Ossetia have not yet been developed common conditions both in the political and legal field. And investors are generally inclined to certain skepticism. It is necessary to work hard to convince an investor that there are favorable conditions for running business here. We are ready to fully support the Republic's leadership on this issue.

- How would you describe the model of relationship between the leadership of South Ossetia and Russia?
- I think that politically it a strategic partnership. I know about the personal attitude of Vladimir Putin to the leadership of South Ossetia, its president. It is sincere, comradely and fraternal. Our relationship is characterized by honesty, depth, linked by common risks, but united by a common goal.

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