The first Parliament of South Ossetia has worked effectively - Stanislav Kochiev

Wed, 06/04/2016 - 17:09

We had been working on the same goal - restoration and development of our Republic, said the I, III, IV, V convocations deputy, the ex-Speaker of the Parliament of South Ossetia Stanislav Kochiev, commenting on the work, the aims and objectives of the first convocation deputies of the Parliament of South Ossetia.

According to him, the election of deputies to the first Parliament of South Ossetia, in December 1990 laid the foundation for the statehood of the Republic of South Ossetia.

"The first parliament worked effectively, and in spite of the lack of experience in the field of legislation, the deputies took an active part in the fate of the Republic and worked fruitfully, he said. - Creation of the Parliament became an important political factor, as we declared that the Republic was established. For the first time in the Republic of South Ossetia had been established such a competent authority as the parliament- the most important of the attributes of statehood»

"The first parliament fully met its goals and expectations, and also laid the foundation for a future state - Kochiev said. - We have passed through many difficulties, but all obstacles have been overcome. We have worked with complete dedication, and the indicator of the work is our current reality. "

According to Kochiev, the foundations for the statehood and for the Parliament are laid and only need to be strengthened.

"The Parliament has its own traditions and I would like to wish the deputies of the current Parliament to continue developing them", - summed up the ex-Speaker of the Parliament of South Ossetia.

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