We resort to our Constitution, as to the Scripture - the State Adviser to the President of South Ossetia Konstantin Kochiev

Fri, 08/04/2016 - 22:36

15th anniversary of the adoption of the Constitution of South Ossetia is a remarkable date - said the State Councilor to the President of the RSO Konstantin Kochiev during a round table in Tskhinval, timed to the celebration of the Constitution Day.

"15 years allow us to estimate what we have got since the adoption of our Constitution, how the document was relevant to the needs of our nation, our state, to understand, how and where we are moving, and how today there is a need for correction of our Basic Law, - Kochiev said.

According to him, "history has shown that it is possible to live under the Constitution, or without it."

"South Ossetia, in principle, is a young country, but has very deep historical roots of the statehood - said the State Councilor. - Today we are actually reviving our statehood after more than 600 years. And to have such a powerful legal system core, as the Constitution, is very useful for the development of the country. In all cases, we resort to our Constitution, as to the Scripture. It has answers to many questions that arise during our life, the state building. We can find answers to almost all questions in this small book. "

Kochiev has noted that the Constitution of the Republic was originally developed as the Constitution of a sovereign state.

"There are designated almost all the criteria of a sovereign state in the Constitution, provided by the international law", - said the state adviser.

According to Kochiev, the attitude to the Constitution should be careful.

"26 amendments have been introduced into the Constitution of South Ossetia. Probably, the number of amendments to it will be multiplied - Kochiev said. - Sometimes amendments are dictated by the current political conjuncture, which is not very good. After a while, re-reading the Constitution, our citizens wonder at the introduced amendments. Maybe, we should think about the introduction of the new rules, according to which the proposed amendments to the Constitution will come into effect only after some time. This would be some kind of guarantee for the Constitution, the guarantee, that it will not be changed, depending on the mood somebody is in."

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