Double standards of Tbilisi politicians keep Georgia in the 90s

Fri, 24/03/2017 - 15:03

For the past week, some pages of Georgian and European publications are full of headlines about the new "aggressive" plans of Moscow in the Caucasus.
Let's listen to what say Georgian politicians. Let's start with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Georgia Mikheil Janelidze. According to him, "any agreements between the Russian Federation and the de facto authorities are illegitimate. Such actions are not aimed at ensuring peace, peaceful solution to the conflict and hinder the peace process needed to resolve this conflict. "
He, of course, is echoed by his Deputy D. Dondua. And what else can he do? He cannot go against the bosses. He said: "the Russian occupation forces are on the territory of our country since August 2008, and fully control the security situation. This is another Russian provocation."
We know that the news agency "Res" is also read by the leadership Georgia of and our articles get into the newsletter for the Georgian officials. Especially for them we should once again remind that the issue, if South Ossetia is occupied or not occupied, a few years ago was discussed at one of the rounds of the Geneva discussions, with participation of the EU and the OSCE authoritative experts in international law. As a result of the detailed analysis of all the existing internationally recognized signs under the international law, it was determined that on the territory of South Ossetia after 2008 there is no any signs of occupation.
This contrasts sharply with the situation that existed before the 2008 war, when almost the entire territory of South Ossetia was furrowed by roadblocks with soldiers of the armed units of the Georgian law enforcement agencies, which limited the freedom of movement of people and goods, that is one of the most important signs of occupation. Thus, part of the territory of South Ossetia was really occupied from 1991 to 2008. However, the occupier was not Russia, but Georgia.
Back to the Georgian politicians. General Secretary of the party "Free Democrats" (probably they, themselves were laughing when included in the party name the word "free") Tamara Kekenadze has said that Putin has a "very detailed plan to complete annexation of the occupied territories. Activization of Russia, of course, is directly related to the EU decision on visa-free movement. "Here it is possible to put a second like for a sense of humor. We`ll explain the reason, although we have already touched on this topic.
When referring to the EU's decision to abolish visas for the citizens of Georgia, Georgian Russophobes impudently deceive their own people. The fact is that the entire period of the destruction of relations with the Soviet Union and Russia, including the two
bloody wars against the Ossetian and Abkhazian people, by the word " visa-free " they meant the right of the Georgian citizens to travel to the states - members of the European Union, the right to work there and get European salaries in euros, which is higher than the average salary in Georgia, and thus, to improve the material welfare of their families. It was affirmed that only a complete break with the USSR and Russia, the demonstration of hostility to its historical friends and allies in South Ossetia and Abkhazia, as opposed to a demonstration of complete loyalty, obedience, subservience and worshipping of the entire West able to create a good image for Georgia and bring closer the desired " visa-free ", sorry for the long sentence.
However, as we see, the miracle did not happen. Citizens of Georgia received only the right to travel without visas to Europe and spend their money there, but not to earn! Savings on the same visa as everyone knows, is cheap. It was warned by the bewildered South Ossetia for 15 years. But today, the South Ossetian politicians of that period can say with a clear conscience: "We have pre-warned about this, but you have not only listened, but even declared us enemies."
Today Georgian politicians presented this one-sided contract as a kind of achievement and accuse Russia and South Ossetia as if they envy them and want to do them harm. But in fact, we have no in mind to harm Georgia. Indeed, Georgia, after all, is a neighboring country, and if there is some destabilization, then it will be harmful for us, and for the other neighbors. Therefore, speaking about Georgia, exhausted by various conspiracies, coups and revolutions we quite friendly assert that Georgia does not need a new revolution, but the revolutionary rethinking of the traversed path, in stopping the search for enemies. And "revolutions", after which things get worse, should remain in the past.
And what do we see? Any attempts to detect and protect Georgia's interests run into fierce resistance to the pro-European forces.
A representative of "European Georgia" P Ratiani has accused the ruling party "Georgian dream" in the... "flirting with Russia", the result of which, allegedly, "leads to large-scale crises."
We go further.
According to the chief editor of the military magazine "Arsenal" Aladashvili, "in the Tskhinvali region the Russian Federation operates according to the proven scheme of world aggressors: as a rule, after the occupation of the land are implemented plans for the military, political and economic incorporation of the breakaway territory of their state."
Here, at first sight, it seems that these politicians and officials have lost a sense of reality, but it is not so. In fact, they are well aware of what is happening. But they make such statements to divert the attention of the Georgian people from their own antinational activities, from the terrible pit into which they plunged the once prosperous Georgian Soviet Socialist Republic.
The Office of the State Minister of Georgia for Reconciliation and Civil Equality strongly condemns the actions of Moscow. As noted in the department, "the processes of occupation and annexation continue against the background of the efforts of the Georgian authorities to bring more dynamism to the peace process."
Needless to say that all the above speakers urge the international community to "influence on the situation ".
But we all remember the reality when no one was urged to influence on anything. South Ossetia was part of the Georgian SSR and did not think about the separation. However, Georgia itself dissatisfied with the reality unleashed anti-Ossetian hysteria in the media and began to destroy and expel the Ossetian population of Georgia and South Ossetia.
This led to the proclamation of the independence of South Ossetia, May 29, 1992 - one and a half year after the beginning of open unbridled extermination of peaceful Ossetian population.
However, we will continue. The last place of honor (as the cherry on the cake top) should be given to the statement of the true ruler of Georgia - US Embassy. It also, of course, condemns the actions of Russia, allegedly aimed at destabilizing in the region.
What caused such a friendly response of the officials from Tbilisi and their overseas curators? Neither more nor less – the approval by the Russian government of the agreement on the entry of certain units of the Armed Forces of the Republic of South Ossetia into the Russian Army.
Let me say that this Agreement was already provided for by the Agreement on cooperation and integration, signed on 18 March 2015, and there is no any secret here. But, maybe, the Georgian government is so committed to peace that has become the main global pacifist and in principle does not accept any militaristic approaches. Well, we can see in what at this time is engaged Tbilisi.
For example, the chief of the General Staff of the Georgian Armed Forces General Chachibaya has offered NATO to create naval base in Poti. Apparently, he voiced the plans of the Alliance, looking for opportunities to settle down in the Caucasus, since the Georgian military has not signs of independence for a long time. And it doesn't matter that the deployment of foreign bases is contrary to the Montreux Convention. After all, it is "for the sake of peace"! Also, "for the sake of peace" is held the regular military exercises of the West in Georgia, including the transfer of heavy armored vehicles there. And what about the continued sabotage of the signing of the Treaty on the non-use of force by the Georgian delegation at the Geneva discussions on security in Transcaucasia. Is it also for the sake of peace?
Is it double standards? No - the usual lie. In words – the efforts to establish a peace process. In fact - NATO military turned Georgia into a firing ground.
Georgians themselves, of course, understand the real situation. Opinion polls reflect the growing number of people who are disappointed in the thirty-year pro-Western course. It remains only to force the political elites to move in unison with the wave of the people of Georgia, following the course of creative direction, necessary for the country.
If Georgia and its pro-Western politicians did not waste the efforts to destabilize the situation, to fight against South Ossetia, but re-directed them to address the problems of ordinary citizens of Georgia, the life in Georgia would be not so bleak. But, alas, the double standards of politicians in Tbilisi keep Georgia in the 90s.
Wi us and with other neighbors could be a normal international legal dialogue. But while President G.Margvelashvili and his government follow the overseas instructions, ordinary Georgians cannot rely on something positive, even if they are visa-free tourists in Europe.
And every day in Georgia more and more people realize this fact.

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