Georgia did not join NATO, but NATO entered Georgia

Tue, 13/06/2017 - 20:07

Continues nearly thirty-year Saga with the idea of Georgia's accession to the NATO, which is advertised nearly as a national idea of the Georgian people already from the end of the already half-forgotten 1980-years.
Along with visa-free travel in European Union countries, NATO membership was one of the ideological bomb that blew up a peaceful, secure and prosperous life of the inhabitants of the whole former Soviet Republic of Georgia and not only Georgia. Bezviz has already been received by 27 year empty promises. However, as predicted by smart people, it was a hoax – gives the right to go to Europe and spend their money there. But does not give that opportunity for which millions of Georgians have given to turn his head and smashed to smithereens its a socialist Republic. Namely, the right to work in Europe and to return to Georgia with the earned money in Europe.
How do things stand with the accession of Georgia to NATO?
At the end of last month in Tbilisi was held the spring session of the parliamentary Assembly of NATO. Within four days about 600 delegates had been discussing the need for Georgia's accession to the bloc. It is interesting, if any of them that there could sound new, the fact that in one form or another, did not sound during these almost 30 years? Session, as expected, culminated in the resolution on support for Georgian aspirations.
In the best traditions of stagnation flowed a river of thanksgiving and praise. There was no end to the enraptured words of the participants to the achievements of Tbilisi on the way of integration into NATO. However, no specific timeframe is not indicated again. Georgia once again showed the notorious "wallet" which is tied to a rope that stretches from the ocean. The Brussels with pleasure ready to send the young guys from the Caucasian republics to fight terrorists in the Afghan sand, and also use the area once part of the Soviet state as a springboard to intimidate Moscow.
The desire of the Georgian officials to join the Alliance again was not equal. They habitually argued his words, "the Russian threat" and "occupied territories". Needless to say that the conditions imposed by the West anti-Russian hysteria, such statements were met with cheers? Again, no one asked the question: if the "necessity" of joining NATO, Georgia is trying to argue the "occupied territories" were dictated by such aspirations in the late 1980s, when South Ossetia was included in the GSPC, and Georgia in the USSR. After all, this thesis is widely promoted in the Georgian media during the period largely contributed to the degradation of relations between Georgia and South Ossetia.
The idea of joining NATO, Georgia wants to present as a cure for the illness that caused the idea. It is not an indicator of the impasse, in which political thought Georgia?
We would like to stay on the Declaration. The document, consisting of 19 items, among other things, devoted to Russia. So, call on Moscow to withdraw its troops from South Ossetia and Abkhazia, to stop "violations of agreements on cease-fire" to stop the escalation of tensions and to facilitate access of international observers on human rights in the "annexurei" regions. At first it may seem that such fantasies can come to mind either crazy or completely do not understand the situation of the person.
Why? Because if the Russian troops will not defend South Ossetia, the Georgian policy again can take the course for a military confrontation with South Ossetia. Thus, as we clearly saw in 1991-1992, 2004 and 2008, the demands to withdraw its troops from South Ossetia equivalent to the requirements of the murder of the people of South Ossetia.
These calls are part of a coherent Western strategy to prevent the strengthening of Russia. In this geopolitical "chess match" of Georgia assigned the role of pawns with a blindfold, which you can sacrifice for the sake of achieving the objectives.
In conclusion, I want to note that at the end of June at the site "Vaziani", near Tbilisi, was a multinational NATO exercise "Worthy partner – 2017". Every year the participants of such events is only growing, range of used military equipment is expanding.
What is happening shows who actually raises tensions and threatens the security of the entire region.
But even in these circumstances, Georgia will not join NATO.
Instead, NATO is itself part of Georgia.

Inal Pliev,
international expert IA "RES"

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