Deportation of the inhabitants of the village of Kob is an act of ethnic cleansing, - expert

Wed, 23/08/2017 - 17:02

Georgian border guards did not allow the residents of the Ossetian village of Kob to travel to Georgia, who decided to celebrate a religious holiday in their native village. Moreover, some without explanation of the reasons in the passport put stamps on deportation for 5 years.
Referring to the orders of their superiors, the Georgian border guards stated that no any Ossetian would come to the territory of the village of Kob.
"Our houses there are empty, they were destroyed. But we do not ask anything from them, nor land, nothing. Just let us to come to our holy places on holidays, "the deported citizens have complained.
Commenting on the incident, political observer IA "Res" Inal Pliev noted that "it is, first of all, clumsily disguised act of ethnic cleansing, now - in the form of deportation for a period of 5 years.
"It is already possible to say in advance that this term will be prolonged indefinitely," Pliev said. "What happened is an eloquent testimony to the savagery of the Georgian leadership, which continues to be held captive by nationalistic, chauvinistic ideas, the bestial grin of which we first back in the late 80's - early 90's."
In his opinion, "official Tbilisi gave good arguments to those who say that the planned ethnic cleansing of Ossetians, which has been going on in Georgia since the late 1980s, is not over yet, but continues.
"This act of ethnic cleansing also tore up the remnants of an already worn democratic mask from the face of Western countries, because without preliminary consultations and without obtaining their consent, Georgia could not take this step," Pliev said.
The expert drew attention to the fact that "over the past time in Georgia there has not been a rethinking of the past path, the sanation of the Georgian provincial fascism, which was openly appealed by former President Eduard Shevardnadze."
"Moreover, under the slogans of democracy and progress, extremist, extremely misanthropic views have become stronger. And they are not considered something out of the ordinary for the Georgian intelligentsia, the public, and politics, "the expert said.
In support of his words, Pliev gave an example: "The message of the famous Ossetian journalist Stanislav Kantemirov" In the Kobi does not pass "the Georgian blogger and public figure David Rapava commented:" Why? Bring Guirbek Salbiev's head and go. "
"Moreover, it did not cause any protest by other representatives of Georgian users of Facebook, that also very well illustrates the attitude towards Ossetians in Georgia and the general low level of not only political culture, but degradation of human relations in general," said the expert.
He has stressed that it is debunked the myth that Georgia has a conflict only with South Ossetia, but not with the North Ossetia,.
"Although North Ossetia does not consider itself in a state of conflict with Georgia, as we see, Georgia considers itself in a state of conflict with South and North Ossetia, as well as with Russia, with which it even severed diplomatic relations. It is only temporarily forced to put up with the arrival of Russian and Ossetian tourists, and even for the sake of monetary benefits, " the expert concluded.
It should be reminded that the Ossetian village of Kob, located 60 kilometers from Vladikavkaz, was given to Georgia by the Bolsheviks during the years of Soviet power. Annually local residents held a national holiday in honor of the Cob Church, which since ancient times is considered one of the most revered among the Ossetian people.

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