South Ossetian expert on the lessons of the Catalan crisis

Thu, 05/10/2017 - 17:03

Assumptions about the impact of the events in Catalonia on the position of Europe towards South Ossetia are illusory, believes an expert of IA "Res" Inal Pliev.

In his opinion, the logic of block solidarity and frank double standards still prevail in the political elites of European countries, which do not allow them to recognize the political and legal basis of the independence of South Ossetia.

The expert believes that despite the entire arsenal of repressive methods used by the Spanish authorities against the independence movement of Catalonia, such measures are likely to have the opposite effect, leading to an even greater escalation of violence.

"One cannot but pay attention to the fact that only economic considerations cannot underlie the motivation of the majority of the inhabitants of Catalonia. It could not happen without such an important psychological component, as the atmosphere of universal patriotic rise that engulfed the Catalans. But how be explained the behavior of the protesters, even women and the elderly, who do not give up under the blows of the clubs of Spanish policemen using tough repressive methods to suppress the national liberation movement, " Inal Pliev said.

As evidence, the expert also cites numerous facts of the refusal of Catalan policemen to carry out orders from Madrid, as a result of which the Spanish authorities had to introduce police units from other regions of the country.

In addition, the expert continued, regardless of the outcome of the current stage of the struggle for the independence of Catalonia, the behavior of the Spanish crown has already become an eloquent illustration of the real state of human rights in modern Europe.

"For the sake of maintaining its dominant position, European political elites are ready to use force against the peaceful population of their countries, without stopping before bloodshed, and without regard for human rights and concerns about the image of the state in the international arena. This is the current state of European democracy. Nevertheless, this circumstance does not prevent them from expressing concern for human rights in other countries, in particular in South Ossetia, "concluded Inal Pliev.

This circumstance he called one of the main lessons of the events in Catalonia.

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