Ministry of Defense of South Ossetia: the US military aid to Georgia contributes to escalation of tension

Sat, 27/01/2018 - 11:18

Equipping the Georgian army with new samples of military equipment by the US is another indicator of strengthening of Tbilisi's military cooperation with NATO member states.
This was stated by the Ministry of Defense of the RSO, commenting on the delivery of the first shipment of American portable anti-tank missile systems Javelin (FGM-148 Javelin) to Georgia.
Another example of strengthening Tbilisi's military cooperation with the North Atlantic Alliance, the South Ossetian Defense Ministry called regular joint exercises of the Georgian army with units of NATO countries.
The Defense Ministry of South Ossetia has noted that in the large-scale exercises - "Agile Spirit", "Noble Partner" and others, which took place in recent years on the territory of Georgia, was used the US military equipment, including tanks M1 Abrams, BMP M2 Bradley and armored vehicles LAV, as well as long-range self-propelled artillery systems. In addition to the US Army units, servicemen from other NATO countries, as well as Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Turkey and other countries took part in the exercises.
Such an open assistance to strengthening of the Georgian army contributes to the increased military threat from Georgia and the escalation of tension in the Transcaucasian region. Such actions may push Tbilisi to a possible attempt to implement military and political ambitions against South Ossetia.
The Defense Ministry has reminded that in the period before Georgia's military aggression against South Ossetia in August 2008, large-scale arms and military equipment procurement also took place in this Republic.
Touching upon the deliveries of anti-tank missile complexes "Javelin", the press service of the Defense Ministry noted that "they are not only weapons of defense, as Georgian Defense Minister Levan Izoriya stated. Anti-tank missile complexes "Javelin" can be successfully used as an offensive weapon. According to its tactical and technical characteristics, it can be used to destroy the enemy armored vehicles, both in defensive and offensive operations."
It should be reminded that on January 23, Georgian Defense Minister Levan Izoria announced the beginning of deliveries of the American anti-tank systems "Javelin" to Georgia.
November 2017, the Agency for Security Co-operation reported that the Georgian leadership had applied to the United States for $ 75 million arms procurement: 410 anti-tank missile systems "Javelin", 72 blocks of sighting and starting equipment, 10 training complexes and 70 charges for them.
Pentagon, believing that the agreement would help the national security of the US itself, supported the contract. At the same time, the Americans took care of the maintenance of the complexes and their transportation. The US plans to deliver anti-tank missile complexes to Ukraine.
The American anti-tank missile system "Javelin" (FGM-148 Javelin) is the first serial system of the third generation, it was created since 1986 on the basis of earlier developments, was adopted by the US Army in 1996.
The complex is designed to destroy armored vehicles, protected objects (such as bunker, pillbox) and low-flying low-speed targets (helicopters, drones, propeller-driven aircraft, making a landing approach).
The range of the missile is 50-2500 meters, armor penetration is 750 mm, and the flight speed is
300 m / s. It is widely used by the army and the US Marine Corps and was successfully applied during the war in Iraq and a number of other armed conflicts. The cost of one complex is 170 thousand dollars.


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