Chevy Ekslyas: our visit is connected with the initiative of South Ossetia to recognize Catalonia

Fri, 23/02/2018 - 01:28

A group of mountaineers-skiers from Catalonia and Andorra made a decision to come to South Ossetia after the reports that the Republic can recognize the independence of Catalonia. This was reported to the information agency "Res" by the head of the group of representatives of the club "Himalaiaski" Chevy Ekslyas.
"We decided to come to South Ossetia for two reasons. The first reason is very interesting. A few days after the referendum in Catalonia, we read that South Ossetia can recognize us. This was the only message, no one except South Ossetia expressed such a desire, "said Ekslyas.
The second reason to come to South Ossetia for a group of extreme skiers from the "Himalaiaski" club was the desire to climb the mountain peaks of Ossetia. According to the representative of the club, when they began to look for information about the Republic, it turned out that none of the Europeans had previously managed to ski in the mountains of South Ossetia and this, as noted by Ekslyas, was the second reason for the trip.
"We thought that it would also be interesting to come to South Ossetia, to ski in the mountains, get acquainted with local residents, learn more about this state," he said.
The group leader has added that before the trip they wrote a letter to the South Ossetian Foreign Minister, who reacted immediately.
"Then the director of the tourist company "Irtur", Georgiy Tibilov, answered us. We, of course, were glad, and began to search for information about the mountains of South Ossetia. We did not have enough information and photos. The only thing we found out was that climbing on Halaza in winter is impossible because of the heavy avalanches and it would be a crazy thing, "explained Ekslyas.
According to him, after reaching Halaza, they found a strong fog, and could not determine the route to climb to the top.
"We chose the wrong road. As a result, we reached the pass at an altitude of 3300 meters. On the way, we found a rock wall with projections of destroyed rocks. There were no more clouds in that place, and we saw from there that it was possible to climb to the top by another path, despite the risk of avalanches, but we did not have time, "said Ekslyas.
The extremals from the "Himalaiaski" club stayed in the Republic for more than a week. During this time, they filmed a documentary, which will then be presented at an international festival. In the tape it is planned to show the culture and life of Ossetians, and, of course, the nature and mountains of South Ossetia.
Earlier they had already visited Langtang - the mountainous region of Nepal, the Norwegian Tromsø and the Balkans, and then decided to master the Caucasus Mountains.
In the "Himalaiaski" club, people who appreciate the beauty of nature, are fond of mountain skiing, are keen of shooting and photography.

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