American experts came to the conclusion that the policy of the USA is leading to the growth of terrorism

Thu, 29/03/2018 - 17:32

In recent years, after the collapse of the USSR and the establishment of a unipolar world under the hegemony of the United States, the problem of terrorism has increased. It happened in the same states that was occupied by the United States of America and their allies. A special surge of terrorism is observed just after the US declared "war against international terrorism."
The experts of the Institute named after M.Kh. Watson (Brown University in Rhode Island) could not fail to pay attention on the consequences of the so-called US war against international terrorism.
Even dry figures speak volumes. 370 thousand people were killed, If we take only Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iraq. Of these, during military operations or with armed resistance, the occupiers killed 110,000, and the rest - civilians. Another 870 thousand people lost their lives for indirect reasons connected with the war - due to illnesses, injuries, crime, lack of medicines, food ...
The largest number of casualties happend not at military positions and places of military operations and armed clashes, but streets and markets, where civilians have been killed by US soldiers and their allies. The number of refugees reached 10.1 million 14 thousand people, of which half - civil citysens.
Accusing Russia unjustifiably of interfering in the internal affairs of other states, the United States are carrying out of the armed intervention in the internal affairs of the many states. Of these, 7 countries were bombed by missile and bombing using military aircraft, in 15 countries there was a landing force by the ground forces of the United States.
Official Washington and its apologists are trying to justify such a gross violation of international law, allegedly, by concern for improving security. But in fact, as a result of the military intervention by the US and its allies, along with the entire state infrastructure, the system of law enforcement agencies is destroyed. This leads to the strengthening of criminal communities, extremist gangs and terrorist groups. The escalation of interethnic and interreligious hatred leads to armed clashes and massacres. Examples of this are dozens and hundreds. Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, etc. turned into unhealed wounds. Prior to the US intervention, they were stable secular states in which the authorities fought the manifestations of terrorism. And only as a result of the appearance of the American troops, as follows from the cited study, the territory of these states turned into a hotbed of terror, which finally reached such a wide scale fierce armed confrontation. Here and there, the facts of assistance to terrorists from the United States and some of their allies are emerging.
The destruction of these countries did not bring any benefit to the American people, unlike the military-industrial complex. He is extremely interested in further increasing the international tension, the growth of chaos and violence in international affairs, so that more countries are interested in acquiring modern weapons.
The three largest US arms companies (Lockheed Martin, Boeing and Northrop Grumman) for the electoral cycle in 2018 have been allocated government contracts for the development of laser weapons for the US Air Force.
Thus, there is no reason to wait for changes in US foreign policy, which means that the terrorist threat will also grow ...

Author: Inal Pliev, international expert IA "Res".

Инал Плиев, международный эксперт ИА «Рес».
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