In Tskhinval was honored the memory of riot policemen killed in the defense of the city from the aggression of Georgia

Fri, 08/06/2018 - 13:44

The officers of OMON (special purpose police unit) of South Ossetia, killed in 1992 on the outskirts of Tskhinval, were honored by the leadership and officers of the OMON, Ministry of Internal Affairs of the RSO led by the Interior, Minister, General Igor Naniev.
As reported by the press service of the department, Igor Naniev, his Deputy, General Merab Pukhaev, the OMON commander, Colonel Igor Pliev and soldiers of the squad laid flowers at the monument to fallen riot policemen.
In June 1992, in the course of repelling the Georgian aggression, six riot police officers of South Ossetia heroically fell in a battle with superior enemy forces in the area of the fuel and energy complex located at the entrance to the capital of the Republic.
Special purpose police unit of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the RSO was formed at the height of the Patriotic War of South Ossetia in February 1992. The founder and first commander of the OMON was Vadim Gazzaev.

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