The London police confiscatedvideo cameras of the British journalist Graham Phillips

Thu, 09/08/2018 - 19:58

Yesterday, in the Georgian embassy, the London police detained a British journalist and blogger Graham Phillips for a protest and ​ confiscated the footage and two cameras, Tass reports.
It should be noted that yesterday in the Georgian diplomatic mission in the UK was organized photo exhibition to mark the 10th anniversary of the August events. Graham Phillips, who came to the exhibition, called those preset "fascists" and "NATO zombies", also accusing Georgian journalists and diplomats of misinforming the British public.
Then, a well-known blogger and his colleagues who filmed the event, were detained by the police, called by the staff of the Georgian embassy.
"I spent most of that day in the police cell, and now I'm at home - well, on bail. And the police confiscated both my cameras and all the materials," Phillips said.

Graham Phillips gained fame due to his journalistic activities during the events of the Kiev Maydan and during the aggression of the Ukrainian authorities against the people's republics of Donbass.
He turned out to be one of the few European journalists who questioned the dominant Western version of the situation in Ukraine.
In January 2018, Graham Phillips for the first time visited South Ossetia on the invitation of Foreign Minister Dmitry Medoev.
Among the reasons that prompted him to come to South Ossetia, Phillips in an interview with the news agency "Res" called the lack of information about the Republic in the information space of Europe.

To rectify the situation, he made a documentary about South Ossetia.
"Ten years have passed since the August 2008 war, this is a significant date, and many are interested in how things in South Ossetia are developing today," Phillips said.


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