South Ossetia proposed holding a meeting within the framework of the IPRM after the elections in Georgia

Sat, 15/09/2018 - 13:10

The South Ossetian side proposed to postpone the next meeting within the framework of theIncidents Prevention and Response Mechanisms (IPRM) on November 8, but Georgia has not yet reacted, told journalists Deputy Presidential Envoy for post-conflict settlement Yegor Kochiev.
"We offered the Georgian side to postpone the meeting to a later date, due to the complicated political situation in Georgia, where the presidential election campaign is under way," Kochiev said. "However, we have not yet received an answer."

Kochiev has noted that the South Ossetian delegation, in protest, left today's meeting within the framework of the IPRM.
"We have learned from the Georgian media that Georgia declared two of our fellow citizens, David Gurtsiyev and Alik Taboyev, internationally wanted by Interpol," he said. - We have repeatedly offered the Georgian side not to raise the issues related to the death of A.Tatunashvili and D. Basharuli, in the format of the IPRM, as they have already been discussed many times, including at the Geneva discussions. These are far-fetched accusations without any evidence. Nevertheless, the Georgian side showed a destructive position, having filed them in the international search. "

The Deputy Envoy has stressed that at the beginning of today's meeting the participants of the IPRM from South Ossetia also proposed removing the issues on the case of Tatunashvili and Basharuli from the agenda.
"At the previous meeting we warned our Georgian colleagues not to include these issues in the agenda, because they had already received comprehensive answers," Kochiev recalled. "Nevertheless, today the Georgian side did not hear us, in response we left the meeting."
At the same time, Kochiev has noted that the South Ossetian side does not refuse to participate in the existing mechanism, which is of great importance for the Republic.
"We hope that after the elections (the presidential election in Georgia will be held on October 28), the Georgian side will have more pragmatic, constructive and balanced methods of approach to drawing up the agenda and the meeting will take place," he said.

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