Wrestlers from Ossetia won a series of brilliant victories in the Iranian club championship

Fri, 05/10/2018 - 00:30

The victories of Ossetian wrestlers Soslan Ramonov and Khetik Tsabolov helped the Iranian Arash club to become the winner of the group stage of the Iranian club championship, the portal of the Russian Wrestling Federation reports.

The “Arash” club from Mazandaran became the leader after the victories over another Iranian club - “Sataregan”. The first match between Arash and Sataregan ended with a score of 6: 4, the second match brought a more convincing victory to Arash - 8: 2.

The colors of “Arash” were defended by the Olympic champion Soslan Ramonov and the world champion Khetik Tsabolov. They ended their meetings with early victories and helped their club to win the group.

Ramonov, performing in the weight class up to 70 kg, finished his debut fight in the Iranian club championship ahead of schedule, winning with a dry score of 10-0.

Tsabolov also conducted bright spectacular bouts, demonstrating rare tricks, which allowed commentators to talk about the Tsabolovsky style in freestyle wrestling.

Khetik Tsabolov is the 2014 world champion in the weight class up to 70 kg. Soslan Ramonov is the 2014 world champion in the weight class up to 65 kg and the Olympic champion in Rio de Janeiro.

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