Incident in Salisbury: if you have the largest media in your hands, then you can do whatever you want

Fri, 05/10/2018 - 18:32

In recent days, social networks and the media are gaining momentum in the discussion of Russian citizens Petrov and Boshirov, whom the British government accuses of poisoning the British spy Skripal and his daughter. Their appearance in front of television cameras was already called "the most mysterious and inexplicable incident of this week" (1). From the photos widespread by the British side it is visible, that Petrov and Boshirov have no means of chemical protection. And while they are accused of chemical attacks. What kind of warfare agent, which acts on some people, but on others does not work. At the same time, he was allegedly brought in a bottle of perfume and anointed the door handle ...

Recall that Sergei Skripal exposed by Russian intelligence, served a prison sentence on the verdict of the court and along with several other traitors released in exchange for a group of Russian intelligence agents arrested in the United States. He settled in the UK, and recently the British government spread the statements that he and his daughter, who came to visit him, were allegedly poisoned. The Russian special services blamed the poisoning.

Observers of the Internet showed a maximum of ingenuity and imagination, mocking the British government through controlled special services and the media accusations against these unlucky travelers.

Their opponents, who, on the contrary, support the point of view of the British side, and accuse Russia of poisoning Sri-pal and his daughter, say that they are not objective.
Thanks to the Internet, everyone can learn about various facts, statements, assumptions and assessments.

We, on our part, will try to recall some facts in this article, leaving the reader to draw a conclusion on their own.

First of all, we should pay attention to the historical context of the event, real or imaginary. The post-industrial information era has turned many people's heads. And not in vain. Having seized control over information flows, certain forces got a real opportunity to act without regard for public opinion.

Remember the test tube with the flour that the US Secretary of State spent shaking at the United Nations during the first term of George W. Bush's presidency, Colin Powell. He presented this torment as a poisonous substance, weapons of mass destruction, allegedly produced in Iraq. This served as an occasion for the attack and destruction of the Iraqi state, the massacre of hundreds of thousands of peaceful Iraqi citizens, and the killing of the country's top political and military leadership. The charges against Iraq were a lie. Even after the US Army and its allies captured the entire territory of Iraq, it was not possible to find a single sign of the production and storage by Iraq of weapons of mass destruction in general and poisonous substances in particular.

Nevertheless, on the eve of the attack, on the eve of the beginning of the aggression against a sovereign Iraq, a member of the UN, all Western media launched an angry anti-Iraqi hysteria, intimidating the Western philistine with the horrors awaiting the US and Europe in the event of the use of weapons of mass destruction against them by Iraq. Of course, against this background, the Western world took all the most bloody and ruthless crimes against the peaceful population of Iraq with full approval, apart from the protests of a handful of sensible people who in the West are more like marginals, unlike the fooled mainstream.

It is also worth recalling the behavior of the Western media during the days of Georgia's full-scale military aggression against the Republic of South Ossetia in 2008. For three days - on August 7, 8 and 9, the world media were silent about the unprecedented fire from artillery, rocket artillery and multiple rocket launcher systems Grad, which these days the Georgian army was destroying Tskhinval. And it was only after Russia's intervention that they began accusing it of unleashing aggression, and then of allegedly occupying South Ossetia.

Even today, 10 years later, they repeat about the fictitious "occupation" of Russia by South Ossetia, by saving Russia from imminent death (and the finer - from the cold-blooded ritual slaughter by Georgia) by more than 30,000 inhabitants of South Ossetia and the murders committed by these Western countries themselves hundreds of thousands of people in third world countries.

Thus, thousands of controlled media are able to launder the executioners from any crime. Conversely, even the most just step of "unwanted" countries or individuals can create an extremely unattractive image.

We will also look at the so-called objective international organizations. Hundreds of international "human rights" organizations and a finger did not strike a finger for all the years of endless shelling of the territory of South Ossetia by Georgia in 2004-2008. Also, to put it mildly, their voice is not loud enough in defense of the peaceful population of the victims of military conflicts unleashed by the United States and their satellites around the world. But they are always happy to accuse those to whom the US will point.

The most recent example is the anti-Russian bacchanalia of international sporting structures controlled by the United States and its NATO allies on the eve of, during and after the Olympic Games: WADA, IOC and a number of international sports federations.
In the same way, the British government is now attracting the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons.

The OPCW has prepared a report on the incident in Salisbury. "The results of the analysis of medical and biological samples carried out by the OPCW show that three victims were exposed to the chemical," the report says. "The results of the analysis of samples from the environment carried out by the OPCW testify to the presence of this chemical in the samples" (2).

However, where exactly the poisoning took place - the opponents of Russia are silent about this. There are many absurdities with the place of poisoning. They say that in some cafe or pizzeria, they say that they were found on some shop, then - that this substance was smeared with the handle of their door.

It is also reported that later, after a lapse of months after the alleged incident, on the same shop where they found Skripali, another person was poisoned. And then it was reported about poisoning another in a cafe or pizzeria.

On July 4, 2018, another poisoning incident was recorded, this time in Amesbury, 11 km north of Salisbury. Victims were 44-year-old Briton Don Sturges and her 45-year-old companion Charles Rowley. The head of the counterterrorism department of Scotland Yard made a statement that the victims were poisoned with the substance "Novice". The source of poisoning was the object contaminated with this poison, with which the couple came into contact. On July 13, investigators reported that they had found in the apartment of the victims a bottle with traces of the "Novice" inside.

Although the victims were hospitalized as early as June 30, they were first treated as overdosed with narcotic drugs. Despite intensified therapy, on July 8, Don Sturges died in the hospital from the effects of poisoning.

British Interior Minister Sajid Javid issued a statement accusing Russia of using chemical warfare agents in the UK. British Defense Minister Gavin Williamson also accused Russia of a chemical attack that resulted in the death of a British citizen.

Then they reported that some other poisoning took place in the Prezzo restaurant in Solbcery, which is 300 meters from the Zizzi restaurant, where Sergey Skripal and his daughter Yulia (3) dined on the day of their poisoning.

And now there were these two unlucky tourists from Russia, over whom the whole Internet is amused.

However, it seems to us that we should have fun over the accusations of the British side, which only the one who has not heard of the numerous facts of the spread of lies, both by governmental bodies and the media of the United Kingdom, can believe.

If not for one "but": despite the obvious punctures in the initially hastily created picture of the accusation of Russia, despite the obvious inconsistencies of the British official version, pointing to a clear lie, the Kingdom is quite a powerful great power. She succeeded in expelling Russian diplomats from about 30 countries around the world. At the same time, the charges against Russia have not been proven to this day. Nobody bothers to find these evidence. Why do you need proof if you can just force everyone to say that they believe in these charges. As we can see, the spirit of 1937 triumphs in the West, from which we are trying so painfully to get rid of not for the first ten years.

What we have in the dry balance, if we drop all the statements of the parties that we can not verify.

The disappearance of the father and daughter of the Skripals. Britain announced that they were poisoned by Russia, but Russia was not allowed to investigate. The United Kingdom keeps secret the formula of the substance, which, allegedly, was found in the body of the Skripals. However, hiding this secret from its main opponent, Russia, is quite absurd, since if Russia is accused of poisoning, then, in theory, this formula is known to Russia. The solution is simple. The fact is that chemical poisoning substances produced in different countries have insignificant characteristic features on which it is possible to establish the country of their origin. This, as we see, is not Russia, otherwise this formula would not be hidden, but, on the contrary, it would be spread as widely as possible.

A great suspicion is the very fact of the disappearance of the Skripals. It is possible that they until some point were in collusion with the British government structures that started this case, but then decided to tell the truth. Therefore, they were hidden away.

It is reported that the secret service of the Mi-6 discussed with the CIA the possibility of their transfer to the United States under fictitious names in order to protect them from new attacks. May 23, Julia Skripal first appeared after the alleged poisoning in front of the cameras. She refused consular support from Russia. That is, the girl has spread exactly what the British special services wanted. These words mean two things: 1) Russia's ability to deal with this matter through a diplomatic channel is thwarted; 2) an "explanation" is given for the further disappearance of the Skripals from the public sphere, even without closing the well-founded suspicions of involuntary disappearance.

That is, it is possible that the Skripals are currently deprived of freedom of movement against their will. Since then, they have not heard about, nor the spirit. It is not excluded that they are under pressure to force further statements, which should serve as a more weighty proof of the alleged "guilt" of Russia.

In case of disagreement, they can easily be removed. If you have all the most influential media in your hands, then you can do whatever you want. You will be washed away from any blood.

Inal Pliev,
international expert of the IA "Res"

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