Reports of historians from Ossetia aroused particular interest at a conference in Iran

Mon, 05/11/2018 - 13:36

The reports of Ossetian scholars, concerning historical ties and cultural parallels between Ossetia-Alania and Iran aroused particular interest of the participants of the international conference held in Tehran.

According to the press service of the North Ossetian State University, the work of the international conference organized at the Allama Tabatabai University was held in two main thematic areas - cultural ties and diplomatic relations between Iran and Russia.

In the North Ossetian university, it has been noted that the speeches of Ossetian historians, who touched upon a wide stratum of historical ties between the two Iranian-speaking peoples, have aroused the active interest of Iranian scholars.

Of particular interest were the reports of the North Ossetian scientists, Doctor of History Ruslan Bzarov made a speech on the Alanian model of social organization - from the Indo-Iranian origins to the XIX century. On the cultural parallels, migration and communication of the population of Iran and the Central Caucasus, said the director of the Educational Research and Production Complex of the North Ossetian State University Nazim Gujrati. The history and prospects of strengthening cultural ties and economic cooperation between the two countries were analyzed by the dean of the Faculty of History Zalina Plieva.

It should be noted that earlier, in 2017, in theNorth Ossetian State University,with the participation of representatives of the scientific community of Iran, including from the Allama Tabatabai University was held the international theoretical and practical conference “Iran and the North Caucasus: history and prospects for cooperation”.

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