Western countries are obliged to take part in the restoration of Syria - expert

Tue, 18/12/2018 - 16:25

Thanks to the military successes of the armed forces of the Syrian Arab Republic with the support of the military space forces of the Russian Federation, the situation in the country has improved significantly. Over 150 thousand people returned to their homes, and in the overwhelming majority - in what remained of them, only in the last year. This is the official data. In fact, as a rule, much more.

While certain forces are in every way dragging out a final victory over the scattered forces of the terrorists, Syria is rapidly recovering. So, today in 169 settlements of the Arab Republic 90 substations, 1142 residential buildings, 113 schools, and also 83 medical institutions are being repaired.

Back in October, President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin said: “On the agenda is the restoration of the ruined economy, infrastructure, the return of millions of refugees to their motherland, which would reduce the migration burden on many European countries. We hope that helping the Syrians to resolve these issues will be a joint task of the world community,” Putin said at the ceremony of presenting credentials. He noted that "an important area of ​​cooperation of all interested states will certainly be the solution of humanitarian issues."

Unfortunately, the EU, the USA and the Gulf countries still want to overthrow the legitimately elected Syrian President Bashar Assad and put their puppet in the presidential chair, as in Iraq. They have only one lever of pressure left on the regime - the question of restoring Syria.

According to experts, the amount required for the reconstruction of the Syrian infrastructure ranges from $ 300 billion to $ 1.2 trillion. Destructions are massive. According to current projections, the elimination of the consequences will take from 10 to 15 years.

In recent negotiations with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Putin insisted not only on the creation of appropriate funds, but also on the lifting of sanctions against Damascus. And Merkel has linked financial assistance with the coordination of a political process, in conclusion of which “free elections” are to be held. And only after the “legitimate government” itwill be possible to talk about easing the sanctions regime, the head of the Federal Republic of Germany noted. By “free elections” they understand such elections, in which their protégé wins, and are ready to hold them indefinitely, until the population, exhausted by permanent electoral hysteria, finally votes for the puppet of the West, as in the Ukrainian Republic in 2004.

But European states should take an active part in the rebuilding of Syria if they want Syrian refugees to return to their homeland as soon as possible.

It is quite obvious that the restoration of Syria after a civil conflict should not be held hostage to politicized approaches. Rebuilding the country, the return of refugees is now key. Moreover, time itself showed the ineffectiveness of using sanctions in order to get any concessions from the Syrian government to the detriment of the fundamental, legitimate interests of the people of the freedom-loving Syria. It is high time to understand that unilateral sanctions cause damage not to the Syrian government, but to ordinary civilians. This is a vicious dead-end practice, not only in Syria, but in any other matter.

It is difficult to call the position of the United Kingdom humane. The British side, despite the Russian appeals, continues to put forward the political conditions for its participation in humanitarian activities, and also intimidates those who do not share its point of view. They provide assistance only to small areas of Syria, which are controlled by extremists, as well as pseudo-humanitarian organizations like the White Helmets.

All this is happening against the background of the acute need of Syria for the rebuilding of the country. In addition, the unilateral sanctions of Western countries do not allow the Syrian authorities to purchase medicines, medical equipment and basic necessities, which is extremely inhuman and unacceptable.

Such an approach by the United Kingdom, which positions itself as one of the world's leaders in the provision of humanitarian assistance, is short-sighted and non-constructive.

This echoes the completely immoral position of the United States, which not only do not wish to participate in the rebuilding of Syria, but also threatened sanctions to Russian and Iranian companies for participating in restoration of the Syrian economy and infrastructure. According to the American media, in particular, Washington will try to delay the “allocation” of funds for the restoration of Syria in the areas where the Russian contingent and pro-Iranian forces are deployed.

Last week, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has already announced that Damascus will not receive from the US "a single dollar" for the rebuilding of the country until the formations supported by Iran leave Syria. Earlier, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov reported a ban of the UN agencies to help in restoring the Syrian economy.

It should be reminded, after the defeat of the main terrorist forces in Syria, Western countries do not seek to help in the rebuilding of the country and the return of refugees, but continue to put forward various accusations against the leadership of Syria and Russia.

This approach is both inhuman and counterproductive. The West does not just have to, but it is precisely its duty to follow the example of Russia and take an active part in humanitarian projects to restore Syria.

Authorship: Inal Pliev, expert of IA Res
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