The official visit of the head of the LPR to South Ossetia has been completed

Wed, 19/12/2018 - 15:35

The delegation of the Lugansk People's Republic, headed by President Leonid Pasechnik, came South Ossetia on a three-day official visit. The head of the LPR was accompanied by his wife Natalia Pasechnik. All negotiations took place the day before, according to their results on Wednesday the heads of South Ossetia and the LPR signed a Treaty of Friendship, Cooperation and Mutual Assistance. Also there was a meeting of representatives of the LPR with representatives of the Parliament of the Republic.

The delegation of the LPR has also included the Chairman of the People’s Council of the LPR Denis Miroshnichenko, Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs of the LNR Vladislav Daynogo, Advisor to the Head of the LPR Vladimir Chernev and other officials.

On the eve of the official negotiations, the parties discussed the development of bilateral relations. Anatoly Bibilov has expressed confidence that all the plans will be implemented.

“I think, the recognition of the independence of the LPR by the Republic of South Ossetia is only the beginning of the further recognition of the Lugansk People's Republic by other states. This process is irreversible. We will always promote the interests of the LPR at the platforms where South Ossetia is represented. I am sure that the signing of the framework agreement will give an additional impetus to the development of our cooperation,” the President stressed.

Leonid Pasechnik thanked Anatoly Bibilov for the warm welcome of the delegation of the LPR and expressed confidence in the successful development of bilateral relations in the interests of the two republics. Pasechnik has stressed that South Ossetia is the first and only republic that recognized the independence of the LPR and the DPR.

“We need to unite our efforts and move in a given direction,” he said.

For the delegation of the LPR in South Ossetia, was prepared a cultural program - a visit to the State National Museum, a concert of the State song and dance group “Simd “, etc.

A trip to South Ossetia is the first official visit of Leonid Pasechnik as a popularly elected head of the LPR.

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