Putin announced the sending of observers from the Russian Federation to the parliamentary elections in South Ossetia

Wed, 06/03/2019 - 22:16

Putin is confident that the upcoming parliamentary elections in South Ossetia will be held on a democratic basis, Russia will continue to ensure the security of South Ossetia

Russian President Vladimir Putin, opening talks with South Ossetian President Anatoly Bibilov, promised that Russia would send its observers to monitor the transparency and cleanliness of parliamentary elections in the Republic.

"I know that in June you have parliamentary elections. I am sure that you will do everything to ensure that the elections are held in full compliance with the law, on a democratic basis. We, as we agreed, will send observers to parliamentary elections in South Ossetia, "he said.

Putin has stressed that there is no need to talk about the nature of relations between Russia and South Ossetia. “I think we are strategic partners in the full sense of the word,” he said. “We are doing everything to ensure the socio- economic development of the Republic and ensure security.” President of the Russian Federation added that "there is no doubt that further work in the same vein and in the same capacity will be continued."

Putin has also noted that Russia remains the leading trade and economic partner, which has both an investment program and a number of other programs aimed at supporting the Republic. "I am pleased to have the opportunity to discuss all this with you today," he concluded.

In turn, Anatoly Bibilov stated the importance of the summit meetings of the leaders of South Ossetia and Russia.

"This gives confidence that the development of South Ossetia and the strategic partnership of South Ossetia with the Russian Federation are at a high level," said Bibilov.

According to Bibilov, the agreements signed between the states are being implemented.

Elections to the highest legislative body of the Republic are scheduled for the summer of 2019.

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