Issues of preparation for the next round in Geneva will be discussed in Tskhinval

Mon, 11/03/2019 - 17:44

Geneva security discussions in Transcaucasia will arrive in Tskhinval on Tuesday.

According to the press service of the Presidential Plenipotentiary Envoy of South Ossetia for post-conflict settlement, “the EU, the UN and the OSCE co-chairs will arrive in Tskhinval on the eve of the next round of the Geneva discussions, which will be held on April 2-3. Here they will discuss with South Ossetian colleagues the issues of preparation for the meeting in Geneva,”

The Geneva discussions are held in accordance with the Medvedev-Sarkozy agreements of August 12, 2008 and September 8, 2008.

The UN, the EU and the OSCE co-chairs at the talks are represented by Cihan Sultanoglu, Toivo Klaar and Rudolf Michalka.

The South Ossetian delegation at the Geneva talks is headed by the Presidential Plenipotentiary Envoy of the Republic for post-conflict settlement issues Murat Dzhioev.

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