30 years later: The Vakhtangov Russian Theater arrived on tour in Tskhinval

Fri, 19/04/2019 - 10:35

Vladimir Uvarov, Artistic Director of the North Ossetian Vakhtangov Academic Russian Theater, Robert Kisiev, Honored Artist of North Ossetia, and Madina Valieva, Director of the State Drama Theater of South Ossetia, spoke at a briefing in Tskhinval about the upcoming tours in Tskhinval and further plans for cooperation.

And back here

The Vakhtangov Theater was in South Ossetia with a tour program in 1989, Vladimir Uvarov told reporters.

"30 years passed and after such a huge pause in life, we returned here again. Today, arriving in Tskhinval, I walked around the city, recognizable to tears and unrecognizable to tears. It was 1989, we were all young, it seemed still ahead so much time and we will do a lot, of course we have managed to do something, "said the Artistic Director.

He has noted that the leading actress and his spouse, People’s Artist of North Ossetia, laureate of the State Prize named after Kosta Khetagurov - Natalia Seregina.- is also participating in the tour "In those years, our joint life was just beginning, we had such a romantic relationship, therefore Tskhinval is also dear to me for this reason. I am a sentimental man, like all artists, therefore, for me it is not just a trip for another tour, but to return there, where your youthful, creative, far-distant life began, "shared Uvarov.

According to him, in art it is difficult to predict everything in advance, "but I want to believe that the South Ossetian audience will appreciate our performance and the tour will be held at a high level."

The Vakhtangov Theater is 148 years

Our theater is a great, outstanding, this year it turned 148 years old. This is a theater with great traditions, the theater on the stage of which was working Kosta Levanovich Khetagurov. The great writer, playwright Mikhail Bulgakov began his creative activity here. Finally, Evgeny Vakhtangov, a native of the city of Vladikavkaz, made his first steps in directing on the stage of our, then not yet academic, but Russian theater. Soon we will celebrate the 150th anniversary, this issue is already being worked out.

Like "phoenix from the ashes"

For three days, the North Ossetian Academic Russian Theater will perform on the stage of the South Ossetian Theater in Tskhinval. To the lovers of beauty, we will present five performances. On Friday evening, viewers will be able to see the play “The Forest”, it’s very unusual, unconventional Ostrovsky, very funny, moving and eccentric. The main role in this performance is played by Honored Artist of North Ossetia, Robert Kisiev and People's Artist of North Ossetia, Honored Artist of Russia - Natalia Seregina. At the premiere, we are waiting for President Anatoly Bibilov and other guests. The next day we will play the fairytale "Golden Chicken" and show one of the piercing and favorite performances of "Who Made the Miracle". This is the story of the life of a unique person, a girl at an early age became deaf-blind and grew into a beast. Already, after a while this girl grew up as a university professor, she became one of the smartest people in America. This performance is about the triumph of the spirit, about South Ossetia, a performance that if you want to overcome what fate presented to you - a terrible ordeal that it presented to your people - you will overcome it. If you want to rise like a "phoenix from the ashes", then you will rise, if you have charisma, wealth of soul, talent, what the people of South Ossetia have, then everything will work out.

I love South Ossetia since childhood

"South Ossetia as it was in my heart will remain for the rest of my life. My mother is always surprised that I remember moments from my childhood, as I came home from kindergarten, as we were walking near the station, (...) stole gasoline at a gas station. In fact, I am grateful to the fate that I am working in the Russian theater in Vladikavkaz. I had a childhood dream to engage in creative work, I entered the university and after graduation went to the Vakhtangov Theater, and invited me there Vladmir Uvarov. I am very thankful to him, "- said Robert Kisiev.

Competition for the best review of the play

The Kosta Khetagurov South Ossetian State Drama Theater, together with the Vakhtangov North Ossetian Academic Russian Theater, announced a competition among students and senior pupils for the best review of the play “The Forest.” The performances by Alexander Ostrovsky’s play “The Forest” will be shown in Tskhinval on April 18 and 19. On the first day - the performance will be presented by the South Ossetian troupe, the next day the troupe of the Russian Theater will present its performance,” Madina Valieva said.

The best works will be published on the information sites of the Republic.


Irina Tomaeva, IA "Res"

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