In South Ossetia the victims of the Zar tragedy will be commemorated by a mourning rally and a minute of sorrow

Fri, 17/05/2019 - 10:20

On May 20, South Ossetia will host commemorative events to mark the 27th anniversary of the 1992 ZAR tragedy. As noted by Minister of Culture of the Republic Zhanna Zasseeva during the meeting with representatives of state organizations, May 20 is the day of memory and sorrow in the Republic.

"Our calendar is not full of holiday dates all the time, but for some reason very sad ones, let our grandchildren and great-grandchildren have more holidays. If you and I pass this God-released exam, it will probably be easier for the younger generation," the Minister said. - This year marks 27 years since that terrible day ... 36 on the list, 33 real names - this is the sad result of that tragedy. It started at 11.57, and at 12.03 it was all over. Six minutes during which innocent people perished. While we are alive, we will remember the victims of the Zar tragedy. "

During the meeting, the Minister told about the events that will be held on this day in the Republic. It was noted that on May 20, everyone who wishes can take part in the mourning rally in the village of Zar, buses will depart from Theater Square.

“We should definitely be there at 11.30 and at about quarter to twelve – we must start laying flowers and wreaths at the monument to the victims of the Zar tragedy. On May 20, on the Day of memory of the victims of our fellow citizens, will be held a rally-requiem “Memory and Grief "" she said.

Zhanna Zaseeva appealed to all residents of the Republic and asked not to rise to the top step of the monument during the laying.

The Minister said that at 12.03 sharply a national minute of memory and grief would pass throughout the country.

"I would like to appeal to all residents of South Ossetia with a request that on this day, exactly at 12.03, for a second, for a few moments the movement in the Republic would stop. I want that at this time when was killed our little fellow countryman - Inal Kabisov,- We must honor their memory with a nationwide minute of memory and grief. I think that there is no such person who would not support us, "she noted.

It was noted that from May 17 to 20, thematic TV shows devoted to the victims of the Zar tragedy will be shown on the “Ir” State TV and Radio Company, and the documentary chronicle “Memory and Grief” will be shown on May 19

It should be noted that 27 years ago, on May 20, 1992, a convoy of trucks and several cars, which mainly contained old men, women and children, were heading towards North Ossetia. Where the road through the village of Zar loops towards the former Georgian villages of Kekhvi and Kurta, the convoy was stopped by Georgian militants who began shooting unarmed civilians pointblank. According to the survivors, the attackers opened fire without warning, making no demands.

Then 36 citizens of South Ossetia were killed, the oldest was 73 years old, the youngest - 11 years old. His body was found with a fatal wound in the back, 50 meters from the car in which he was driving, suggesting that he was being pursued.

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