The Investment Program implementation issues have been discussed at the meeting in Moscow

Mon, 27/05/2019 - 20:54

In Moscow, was held a meeting between the President of South Ossetia, Anatoly Bibilov, and Minister for Northern Caucasus Affairs of the Russian Federation, Sergei Chebotarev. The meeting was attended by Ambassador of the Republic to the Russian Federation Znaur Gassiev, Deputy Minister for North Caucasus Affairs Igor Koshin.

According to the press Secretary of the President Dina Gassieva told the Res agency, during the meeting were discussed issues of cooperation in the framework of planning and implementation of the Investment Program to promote the socio- economic development of the RSO.

“We are discussing issues of interaction, in particular, through the Investment program of socio-economic interaction. It is very important for us to hear your opinion, your comments, Anatoly Ilyich, on the progress of the program. We will discuss these issues, and if necessary, we can find new approaches, adjust our actions so that Russian assistance is carried out as perfectly as possible,” said Sergey Chebotarev.

Anatoly Bibilov has noted that the positions that were built together with the Ministry for the Affairs of the North Caucasus are improving and there are no problems in the implementation of the program.

“It is pleasant to note that all the graphs that we discussed at the Intergovernmental Commission are being implemented. I am more than confident that, as well as the Investment Program of 2018, the Investment Program of 2019 will also be implemented oP time by 100 percent. There is every reason for such assumptions. I am convinced that by the first half of the year there will be fulfillment of 40 to 45 percent,” said the President.

Anatoly Bibilov expressed gratitude for the assistance provided by the Russian Federation.

“This is a very significant help, as it concerns the improvement of the living standards of people living in South Ossetia. I think that with the commissioning of socially significant objects, the standard of living in the Republic will noticeably improve,” the President concluded.

During the meeting, Sergey Chebotarev presented a letter of appreciation to the Ambassador of the Republic of South Ossetia to Russia Znaur Gassiev "for his significant contribution to the development of the North Caucasus Federal District".


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