Russian diplomat is planning to write a book about Ossetia

Thu, 30/05/2019 - 08:52

President of South Ossetia Anatoly Bibilov met with Counselor of the Embassy of the Russian Federation in the Republic of South Ossetia Sergey Manko. The head of state thanked Sergey Manko for the work done on the territory of the Republic of South Ossetia and for his attitude towards the people of the Republic.

“You have done a lot to build ties between the Republic of South Ossetia and the Russian Federation not only as a diplomat, but also as a historian, having written a book about Ossetia and Ossetians. This is a serious work, which is highly appreciated by our historians. I also thank you for the fruitful work you have done during your working period in the Embassy of the Russian Federation in the Republic of South Ossetia,” said Anatoly Bibilov.

For his part, Sergey Manko thanked the President for the warm welcome, noting that since his arrival in Tskhinval in 2014, South Ossetia had transformed beyond recognition.

“I love the Republic of South Ossetia very much, there are wonderful people here. Today, in 2019, dramatic changes are being observed outside the window, progress is being made: people smile, the city is being landscaped. Thanks to South Ossetia for its development, its appreciation of the assistance that provided by the Russian Federation,” he stressed.
The Russian diplomat has also noted that he plans to write a large book about Ossetia soon, stressing that this will be the view of the Russian historian on the historical phenomenon of Ossetia.

“For me, as a historian, it has always been a mystery that it is difficult to unravel by the world community: how such a small nation, having stood against forces outnumbered them tenfold, managed not only to defend their freedom, but also to achieve independence.

This is a historical phenomenon that needs to be further studied, shown to others that should not to give up when fighting for your freedom. I am sure you will always have a victory ahead. I wish South Ossetia development and prosperity,” he said.

For his great personal contribution to strengthening friendship and cooperation between the peoples of the Republic of South Ossetia and the Russian Federation, the head of state awarded Sergei Manko with the Order of Friendship.

The meeting was also attended by Presidential Plenipotentiary Envoy for post-conflict settlement issues Murat Dzhioev and Foreign Minister Dmitry Medoev .


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