The development of relations between South Ossetia and Artsakh was discussed by the heads of the two countries

Fri, 31/05/2019 - 15:30

President of South Ossetia Anatoly Bibilov and President of the Artsakh Republic Bako Sahakyan discussed at the official meeting the issues of strengthening and developing relations between the republics and noted the importance of holding the 2019 European Championship in Artsakh.

Anatoly Bibilov thanked his colleague for the invitation to visit Artsakh.

“I am pleased to attend a big sporting event that is being held here and in which the South Ossetian football team is participating. I am sure that on such a basis - the exchange and mutual participation in sports, culture and science - we can build relationships. The basis for this is obvious. We have always been fraternal peoples, and we will develop this brotherhood, ” he said.

Welcoming Anatoly Bibilov, Bako Sahakyan noted that “I am very pleased with his decision to come to Artsakh for the first time in the rank of President of South Ossetia, I am pleased to meet and participate together in a grand and significant sporting event.”

For the South Ossetian part, the meeting was attended by Deputy Prime Minister - Economic Development Minister Gennady Bekoev and Foreign Minister Dmitry Medoev, for the Artsakh - State Minister Grigory Martirosyan and Foreign Minister Masis Mailyan.

The visit of the head of the South Ossetian state to Artsakh will last three days.

Earlier, President Anatoly Bibilov, accompanied by the Artsakh Republic Foreign Minister Masis Mailyan, laid a wreath at the memorial complex in Stepanakert and flowers at the graves of Artsakh’s defenders.

It is also planned to visit the industrial enterprises of the Artsakh Republic, cultural and historical sites.

In addition, the delegation of South Ossetia will take part in the opening ceremony of the European Football Championship ConIFA - 2019 and will attend the match with the South Ossetian team.

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