Preliminary results: United Ossetia is leading in the South Ossetia parliamentary elections


Over 60% of bulletins have been processed

The Central Election Commission of South Ossetia processed more than 60% of the ballots - 13,623, the United Ossetia party is leading, the People’s Party is in the second place, and Nykhas is in the third place.

"These are preliminary data." Fydybasta "gained 3.14%, the Communist Party - 8.27%," Unity of the People "- 14.51%," Nykhas "- 17.56%, " People's Party" - 23.47%," United Ossetia "- 37.26%, " Unity» - 2.75%, 1.24% of voters voted against all. During the day we will be proccing the protocols and by 17:00, we will prepare more updated information", - Bella Plieva, Chairman of the Central Election Commission of the Republic, told reporters.

Voter turnout, according to preliminary results, is 65.24%.

The CEC Chairman also announced the preliminary election results in single-mandate constituencies. The former president of South Ossetia, Leonid Tibilov, lost in his constituency No. 8, and the former head of Leningor district, Zaza Driaev, won the victory in district No. 16.

The preliminary allocation of the constituencies, are leading:

District No. 1 - Slanov Ivan Kazbegovich (Smovyvizhenets)

District No. 2 - Tadtaev Anatoly Grigorievich ("United Ossetia")

District No. 3 - Muldarov Harry Vitalyevich ("United Ossetia")

District No. 4 - Tedeev Artur Akakievich (self-nominee)

District No. 5 - Konstantin Georgievich Kisiev (self-nominee)

District No. 6 - Gagloev Malkhaz Nugzarovich Nugzarovich (Komparty)

District No. 7 - Kokoev Valery Tegayevich ("United Ossetia")

District No. 8 - Alan Irbegovich Gagloev (self-nominee)

District No. 9 - Valiev Ibragim Khazbievich ("Nykhas")

District No. 10 - Ikoev Sarmat Nikolaevich (self-nominee)

District No. 11- Kvezerov Arsen Aslanovich ("People's Party")

District # 12 - Khudzhiev Ruslan Pavlovich ("The Unity of the People")

District No. 13 - Bazaev Vladimir Gelaevich ("United Ossetia")

District No. 14 - Ikoev Vitaly Zaurovich ("United Ossetia")

District No. 15 - Kotaev Dmitry Hsarbegovich ("United Ossetia")

District №16 - Driaev Zaza Nodarovich (self-nominee)

District No. 17 - Khubulov Ilya Frangelovich ("United Ossetia").

The head of the CEC has reported that the final results will be announced within five days.

In total, 98 candidates took part in the elections from 17 single-member districts, of which 60 were nominees from parties and 38 were self-nominated. For the first time, elections to the Parliament of South Ossetia were held according to a mixed majority-proportional system: half of the 34 deputies are elected by party lists, half by single-mandate constituencies.

Seven parties were registered in a single constituency - United Ossetia, headed by Emergencies Minister Alan Tadtaev, " Unity of People", led by leader Vladimir Kelekhsayev, " Nykhas ", headed by former Foreign Minister David Sanakoev, and " People’s Party" , headed by the head of the department of the republican hospital Alexander Pliev, the Communist Party of the Republic headed by Secretary of the Communist Party Central Committee Inal Urigayev, "Unity" headed by former Minister of Economy Gennady Kokoev and Fydybaestae led by the party leader , Representative of the President in the Parliament Vyacheslav Gobozov.

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