Technical break for Ossetian artists: “Days of Ossetian culture” are underway in Europe

Sat, 22/06/2019 - 18:56

Brussels is hosting the Days of Ossetian Culture in Europe, within which a number of events have already been held, including exhibitions of Ossetian artists. “Days of Ossetian Culture in Europe” are held since 2011, this year the event is dedicated to the tenth anniversary of the organizer of the cultural program - the Renaissance-Sandidzan association.

As one of the project participants, the artist Karina Kachmazova, told the Res agency, cultural events will be held until the end of June - a number of events have already been held in Brussels, in particular a round table, the screening of Alan Doguzov’s Bacha film. And recently the exhibition of Ossetian artists has opened in Luxembourg.

At the opening, the Chairman of the Renaissance-Sandidzan Association Radion Pukhaev expressed his gratitude to all who help in organizing and holding the Days of Ossetian Culture in Europe.

“It was stated that we will have a meeting with one of the creators of the film “Bacha”, but unfortunately some artists could not get an entry visa to Belgium on time, they were not refused, but for some technical reasons the process of issuing visas was delayed. Therefore, I was instructed to convey to the project participants the words of welcome and good viewing,” said Pukhaev to the participants of the Days of Ossetian Culture in Europe.

According to the plans of the organizers, the artists Karina Kachmazova, Nina Savlaeva, Alan Kasoev, Timur Andiev, Tamerlan Tskhovrebov, Alan Bitiev, Vadim Puhayev and Viktor Tsallagov would have to take part in the exhibition, but Alan Kasoev, Timur Andiev, and Alan Bitiev could not come to take part, but their works, according to Karina Kachmazova, are also presented at the exhibition.

Minister of Foreign Affairs of South Ossetia, Dmitry Medoev, is also taking part in the event.

"Days of Ossetian Culture in Europe" will end 30 June.

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