Al Mardinim Feras: it was interesting to know the country that defeated the enemy

Mon, 24/06/2019 - 14:40

Last week took place a press tour of foreign journalists to South Ossetia. As part of the media group for the first time our country was visited by Syrian journalists. Syria recognized South Ossetia, there are prospects for the development of bilateral relations, including in the information sphere. Res agency continues the cycle of interviews with Syrian colleagues. The correspondent of Syrian television Saam Al Mardinim Feras for the first time in South Ossetia, and shared his impressions.

- What is the purpose of the arrival of Syrian journalists? What did you expect to see, and what surprised you?

- We arrived for the first time. It was important to see with my own eyes the events taking place in South Ossetia, how the restoration of the Republic is going after the war 08.08.08. It was interesting to get acquainted with the Ossetian culture. I was in Abkhazia several times before the recognition of the independence of this Republic by Russia. I took part in the delegation in various cultural and political events. And each time they asked one question - why does Syria not recognize the independence of South Ossetia and Abkhazia? And when Syria finally recognized the independence of these two republics, they called me on the second day, it was necessary to do an interview with President of the Republic of Abkhazia. It was a big surprise for me, and at the same time, a big responsibility.

- Does the Saam TV show Syrian TV viewers about the events in South Ossetia?

- Of course, we are talking about South Ossetia. Moreover, there are more reports after the recognition of independence.

- You came to our Republic almost with your whole family - your wife, who is also a colleague and even a little daughter. How is the girl feeling herself, how is the South Ossetian climate suitable for her? (During the interview, the child was sleeping in a wheelchair, and our communication with the Syrian colleagues did not wake her up).

- It's good that she is sleeping now, otherwise she would have run here with your tape recorders (he is laughing). She is not the first time with us, and has already become accustomed to the "nomadic" way of life. Our daughter participated in the negotiations in Sochi, and in several events of a different direction.

- We can say that she is already a future journalist ...

- I don’t know, let the profession choose itself, but we are practically preparing it.

- In a few days of being in South Ossetia, what did you learn about the culture of the Ossetian people?

- It is best to learn the culture of any nation by communicating with ordinary people. This is more than participation in events, since at meetings everything goes according to the scenario, according to the protocol. And we managed to communicate with the people of the Republic.

In addition, we had the opportunity to visit the library, museum, we became acquainted with the works of South Ossetian artists and saw the skill of the artists of the state dance group. We could understand - who are the residents of South Ossetia. Super people!

- What do you mean by the word "super", describing a particular people?

- Super - this is when you can easily communicate with people and feel part of this society. And it is impossible not to note the beautiful nature of your land. I think that the beauty of the surrounding world has given South Ossetia a lot.

- One of the main goals of your visit to South Ossetia is to interview the head of state, Anatoly Bibilov. Please tell me what you wanted to hear from the President of South Ossetia?

- Now there is a war in Syria, which is very similar to the war in South Ossetia in 2008. Same patrons, same methods of information warfare. There are small changes - the official army of Georgia was fighting against South Ossetia, we have terrorists. Therefore, I was very interested to find out the country that defeated the enemy. And in this regard, it was important for me to know the opinion of Anatoly Ilyich.

- What should be done to win the information war?

“This is a very complicated process, since I know well how information attacks are being prepared against our countries.” I think I will not reveal a secret if I say that to win the information war we need a lot of money.

- In what direction can be developed cooperation of journalists of Syria and South Ossetia?

- I think, first of all - the exchange of experience. Only on the spot you can learn about the true causes of the war, and at the same time learn more about the life of the people. So, come to Syria.

Lina Dzhioty, IA” Res”
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