In Tbilisi, they no longer believe in a NATO ticket: Washington turned to direct bribing of power

Sat, 29/06/2019 - 23:28

At the end of May, the US Congress adopted an act to support the European integration initiatives of the Georgian government. The content of the document assumes the assistance of Tbilisi on the issues of conducting legitimate elections, strengthening defense capabilities and cyber security, as well as countering the “Russian occupation”. According to the congressmen, the adopted act clearly demonstrates Washington’s interest in developing and maintaining democratic values ​​in the Transcaucasian republic.

At first glance, the United States is once again ready to allocate funds for the charitable purposes of establishing "people's power" and fighting the unfair share of the post-Soviet republics. However, making decisions such as electoral assistance and strengthening the defense of an independent republic is hardly legal without the consent of its leadership. Nevertheless, such methods are rooted in the political practice of the United States, and it does not matter at all that interference in the internal affairs of states contradicts the principles that the “missionary of democracy” professes in words.

Once again putting on the agenda the theme of the “Russian occupation”, Washington is demonstrating an obvious anti-Russian line, hidden in supporting the interests of Tbilisi. As noted in the document, "one of the priorities of American policy should be to strengthen the capabilities of Georgia to combat Russian disinformation and propaganda aimed at violating the sovereignty and democratic institutions of Georgia, and supporting press freedom." The intentions of the United States to combat imaginary "Kremlin propaganda" is only a pretext for establishing control over the Georgian media space. For example, the United States creates a base for conducting information operations in a foreign country and multiplies its ability to manipulate the mass consciousness of Georgian citizens.

Special attention is paid to the expansion of military cooperation between the United States and Georgia. In 2018, the Americans sent more than $ 2 billion to the Georgian defense industry. The authors of the document insist on an increase of the US financial assistance in the current year. This appeal is of particular importance against the backdrop of Washington’s intentions to deploy a NATO military base in Georgia. Despite the statement by the President of the Republic, Salome Zurabishvili, on preventing NATO forces from entering the country’s territory, the overwhelming majority of the Georgian politicians support the deployment of a contingent of troops of the North Atlantic Alliance. In such circumstances, the United States will make every effort to resolve the contradictions on this issue.

In particular, the adopted act and the related financial tranches are intended to tip the balance in the direction of Washington.

It is noteworthy that the American side again makes decisions on "helping and assisting" in solving the internal problems of Georgia without the consent of its citizens and the government. Under the pretext of developing democratic institutions and supporting the Congress, it systematically implements a strategy for introducing the republic into the political orbit of the United States. Realizing the low effectiveness of the promises to be admitted to NATO, Washington chose the path of the banal "bribing" of the Georgian leadership and intends to manipulate their power in its own interests.

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