The detachment of the center "Leader" will complete the work on the territory of South Ossetia on July 15

Mon, 01/07/2019 - 22:37

Russian sappers examined a total area of ​​22.83 hectares in South Ossetia, 208 explosive items were discovered during the entire period of operation, the press service of the Republic’s Emergencies Ministry told the "Res" agency. Pyrotechnic works in the Republic will continue until July 15.

"The Russian sappers of the Leader Rescue Operations Center of the Special Risk, together with their South Ossetian colleagues, have previously completed the work on cleaning the area from explosive objects at the working site No. 1, near the settlement of the village of Zar, Tskhinval District of South Ossetia," the department reminded.

According to the press officer, the sappers show high professionalism and fully cope with the work.

During the work, they have practically no problems, the only difficulty is the terrain relief, and also unexpectedly there are grenades on stretch marks that still retain their combat ability, left from military times. Therefore, the sappers work carefully, only according to safety requirements.

A special group of the EMERCOM of Russia - the Center for Rescue Operations of Special Risk “Leader” arrived in the Republic to carry out the work on cleaning the territory from explosive objects for 80 days.

This is the fourth business trip of the detachment to South Ossetia. In 2016, the detachment checked 50 hectares of the territory of the Republic of South Ossetia and neutralized 352 items. In 2017, more than 30 hectares were surveyed, while 105 explosive items were destroyed, and in 2018 32.5 hectares of land were cleared in two areas - at the Spider height and in the vicinity of the fortress located in the territory of the Novokurtatinsk rural administration, 306 explosive items that were transferred to the South Ossetian side for destruction.

This year, the sappers of the center “Leader” of the EMERCOM of Russia are conducting the fourth stage of demining of the territory of South Ossetia. The works are carried out at the Zar height.

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