South Ossetian singer Amaga Gotti performed brilliantly at the Grand Italia Fest’19”

Wed, 17/07/2019 - 08:37

On July 13 - 14, in the center of Moscow, in the Hermitage Garden, with the support of the Government of the City of Moscow and the Embassy of the Italian Republic, the Grand Festival of Culture “Grand ItaliaFest” was held. At the invitation of the organizers of the festival, the well-known Ossetian opera singer Amaga Gotti opened and presented the opera genre on both the first and the second days of its work.

It was a huge and exciting performance of Amagi Gotti in front of more than tens of thousands of spectators, not counting the hundreds of people who were forced to take places on the steps, to stand in the aisles between the rows.

“Together with me at this large-scale and amazing event in the cultural life of Russia and Italy, famous stars of the operatic stage of the two countries performed,” said the singer to the IA “Res“, including the capital's opera houses: Yevgenia Afanasyeva, prima soloist of the K.S Stanislavsky and V.I. Nemirovich-Danchenko Moscow Academic Musical Theater, as well as young opera and pop stars. ”

On the first day of the festival it was raining, but the weather did not prevent neither the performers nor the spectators. There was a full house.
“I have been on the international opera stage for many years,” Gotti continues, “but I had the opportunity to present Italian opera culture for the first time in my life. Moreover, on the big metropolitan stage, where my favorite musical theater “New Opera” is located. The sophisticated Moscow public, who knows the world operatic art perfectly, specially came to listen to the Italian classics. Of course, this is a big responsibility, more excitement.”

Amaga brilliantly performed the masterpieces of world classics. Of all the performers, she had the most difficult repertoire: scenes from Puccini’s opera Manon Lesco, Romance Santutstsi from the opera Rural Honor, arias from Puccini’s opera Tosca and Neapolitan Songs.

“I consider it a great victory to sing on such a stage, and it is very important when after each aria you hear a storm of applause, enthusiastic exclamations “Bravo!”, “Bis!” Experts and connoisseurs of opera art came to me with words of gratitude. One of them said many beautiful words addressed to me and quoted the words of the famous opera singer Vladislav Pyavko (the husband of the legendary Irina Arkhipova): “There are many opera singers, but there is no scale.” He said that my performance of technically very complex arias is characterized by the scale, which is so lacking in Opera theaters today," continues Amaga Gotti.

The festival was also visited by South Ossetian journalist Diana Valieva, who monitors the singer's creative activities. "People approached our compatriot and spoke admiringly about her high skill, - in fact, independent mini-performances" - Diana shares.

“It is always important for me that Ossetia should sound wherever I perform. And I was invited as a patriot who loves her people, culture. I love Italy,” says Amaga Gotti,“ because Italy is the center of the world cultural civilization, and our richest Ossetian culture must be risen to the European level. ”

The famous Italian spinto- tenor Mirco Matarazzo, who sang with Luciano Pavarotti, and with Placido Domingo, spoke of Amagé Gotti in the most excellent way, calling her the owner of the stunning beauty voice, and emphasizing that connoisseurs of classical Italian opera love such voices. And Evgenia Afanasyev called the voice of Gotti a rare gift, a real dramatic soprano.And Evgenia Afanasyev called the voice of Gotti a rare gift, a real dramatic soprano.

Amagi Gotti's performances were marked by both spectators and organizers as one of the most remarkable, memorable moments of the festival.

“Here I represented both Russia and, of course, Ossetia. It gives me strength. It is impossible to explain. When you strongly love your Motherland, even a simple declaration of Ossetia by the presenter adds strength and inspires, and when I go on stage, the higher forces help me to fully enter the world of music,” the singer shares her feelings.

She dreams that classical art, especially classical opera art, is widely spread in Ossetia, so that more young talented performers from Ossetia glorify our homeland abroad.

“I would like to wish our Ossetian performers to work on themselves every day, madly loving their profession, reading a lot, practicing a lot, working, listening to the opinion of professionals. To this day I am learning, even at this festival I was looking for cons in myself, so that great musicians would suggest the secrets of mastery to me. Even the great world stars work on themselves every day. Without this it is impossible. And you always need to think about your homeland in order to adequately present it. If each of us strives towards this great goal, we will have fewer problems. Let everyone show professionalism in the chosen field. Opera singing is great art. I work a lot, I try, despite all the difficulties - backstage, everyday - to take good steps into the world of big art,” says the star of the opera scene.

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