South Ossetia is going to recognize the events of 2008 as genocide, - President


South Ossetia has recognized as a genocide not only the events of 1920, as has already been done, but also the events of 2008, the President of the Republic, Anatoly Bibilov, said.

In 2007, the South Ossetian Parliament decided to recognize the events of 1920 as genocide, when the Menshevik army of Georgia had invaded. According to the Parliament, about 5300 people were killed and killed while fleeing through the mountains, which amounted to 6-8% of the total population of South Ossetia.

"Yes. There is a talking about this," Anatoly Bibilov answered a question of RIA Novosti if there are plans to recognize the events of 2008 as genocide. “Without a doubt, we will attach this to the 1920 genocide,” he said.

President of South Ossetia also explained that there were much more casualties among Ossetians in 1920, but the losses of 500 people are huge for a small nation.

"Many people ask ... how many people should die to consider it genocide? For us, 500 (dead) people in terms of population is already genocide. Those nations that have 10 or 20 million people, a billion people can maybe 500 people is nothing. But for such a small ethnic group like Ossetians, 500 people is just the genocide, "he said.

According to Bibilov, "in the very name of the (military) operation that Georgia carried out (in 2008) -" Clean Field "- is the intent of the Ossetian people’s genocide.

“The fury with which killed the ordinary refugees the “Road of Life”, as we called it (the Zar Road. - Ed.). The intensity of shelling of the city of Tskhinval, settlements, the number of victims- this also cannot not but be considered the genocide of the Ossetian people, "he said.

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