In the millstones of history, in a practically hopeless situation, it is worth going to the end, - Mikhail Chernov


Small nations should go to the end even in a hopeless situation, the interlocutor of the “Realist” news agency notes, recalling the lessons of the August 2008 war

Ossetians made their choice in favor of Russia - in wars and conflicts they created a state, defended it and gained recognition and the statehood. This was stated by Chairman of the Board of the Fund for Support and Development of Jewish Culture, Traditions, Education and Science Mikhail Chernov.

“On August 7-8, we, my friends and I, commemorate the next anniversary of the short war in South Ossetia. The war that ended with Russian recognition of the Republic of South Ossetia. August 08.08.08 is a tragic date for the Ossetian people. But the war was inevitable. If not war, then the expulsion and assimilation of the remaining South Ossetians,” Chernov believes.

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