The Abkhaz political party condemned the actions of the Georgian security forces

Wed, 04/09/2019 - 00:36

The Abkhaz political party “Amtsakhara “expresses its concern about the provocative actions of the Georgian side in the immediate vicinity of the state border of South Ossetia.

“As it became known, the aggravation of the situation is connected with the arrangement by the Georgian police of a checkpoint in the border strip near the South Ossetian village of Uista (Tsnelis), in the immediate vicinity of the houses of local residents. In this regard, a serious escalation of tension is ripening near the borders of South Ossetia,” the statement said.

"Such actions by the Georgian side are a deliberate escalation of tension in the region and a violation of the legal regimes operating on the state border of South Ossetia."

The party has expressed confidence that in order to ensure the safety and protection of its citizens, as well as a peaceful settlement of the conflict, the South Ossetian side will take all necessary measures to conduct a constructive dialogue and resolve the issue through diplomatic means.

"We condemn such actions and believe that Georgian security forces should leave the borders of the Republic of South Ossetia and abandon an aggressive policy towards it," the statement said.

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